Layover Diaries: Narita Airport and Daybeds

Flying to Narita Airport via Delta Airlines back in July 2016. I had a longer layover in Narita after our flight from Seattle was delayed. I was able to enjoy my time walking around the Narita airport gates and its various Duty Free shops while waiting for my flight.

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Ebay Review: Military Tactical Backpack 30L

This whole month of December, I found myself heavily dependent on Ebay when it comes to shopping for  my holiday decorations and gifts. I recently did a review of a printed heart shirt I bought from Ebay which was imported … Continue reading

First Fashion Review: Ebay Korean Style Top


Website look vs. actual for Korean Style Top from Ebay

I’ve always envied those Korean style and Japanese style tops and dresses that I would see from sites like Ebay, SheIn, Aliexpress and many more wholesale priced fashion sites from China.

I was hesitant to buy anything because China made fashion products are known to be at least 2 sizes smalled than thier US and UK counterparts.
Here in the US I would normally be an XL or size 14 (Old Navy and Target sizes). I’m little bit on the chubby/muffy size with a 41 inch or rather B Cup chest which makes finding a top for myself rather akward, moreso if its one of those Asian style fashions. I was also worried about the horror stories I  read and see in blog and youtube shopping haul sites where what they bought is not the same quality as what they saw online.

However with the cheap prices, free shipping and a promise of a plus size selections, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a cute heart printed top. Here is my review along with a Youtube video version. Continue reading

Book Off San Diego- Buy, Sell and Trade books and electronics

Book Off Used Book Store located in Kearny Mesa Rd. San Diego, CA

I love manga and Anime. I also love to read various books like Harry Potter, the original Grim Fairly tales, Secret Garden and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I am also hilariously broke at the same time my home can be cluttered with old but gently used books, dvds and games that I no longer need.
Great thing there is Book Off. A buy sell and trade store located in Kearny Mesa ROad in San Diego where you can bring all your used books, old but still working electronics to exchange for cash. They also sell DVD’s, video games both old and news as well as electronic devices like iPads, Playstation, Nintendo 3Ds and XBox consoles.

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Shopping for Pasalubong. An Amateur Balikbayani’s Guide


Pocky Pretzels from Japan

It’s less than 3 weeks before my flight to manila. I will be making a quick stop over in Tokyo and I plan to do a mini Blog about the wonderful airport facility there.

Lately I have been massively broke yet bombarded by request from friends and family for pasalubongs- Tagalog term for gifts.

Good thing we have the Marukai stores in San Diego, several branches of Japanese themed home stores and groceries with affordable and high quality gift items I can send back home.

I already bought some sake and tea spices for friends and family especially Roasted Buckwheat Tea.  I’m saving up for some Japanese KitKats and Oreos.

I did a quick video of the Marukai Market Stores that can give you some ideas on where to shop for Japanese Spices and Ramen so you can make one at home, also those awesome home tools that only Japan can think of.

This is really one of my favorite stores to shop and I bought some great home organizers already at their home and office supply section.


Your Guide to Philippine Travel Spending and Budget Deals

Greetings after a LONG hiatus. After my trip from Japan and the Philippines back in September, I had to do a lot of catching up and took some time off from  MsCircumstance to get myself back on track. I did promise some updates and a budget guide upon return from my trip with more accurate spending data. Before I flew out, I set a few contingency plans to ease my spending in the Philippines and Japan. I only stayed 2 days in Tokyo and 20 days in the Philippines (during the height of Typhoon season) and allotted only $900  cash  $400 of which is reserved to buy my father a new TV. Money Envelopes I set up a secret savings plan 8-7 months before my trip. I had some envelopes where every week I would put spare change plus an additional $3-5.00 each week, allocating to expenses I felt would affect my budget. See, while most people save up for Hotel, Food, Shopping Money – they forget the other smaller cost that take a significant bite off your budget.  Such as cellphone & internet prepaid card credits, commute/taxi money and maybe some tips or gift money to relatives and businesses.  I wanted to go to several Wellness Centers to fix my stiff back so I allocated a money envelope solely for that purpose. I was aware of the horrible traffic situation in Manila, so I had money to purchase a Skyway pass -similar to the US version of the FasTrak system. Overall, all that spare change & lots of self control, allowed me to have an additional $120 spending cash for the little stuff. There are several things that you do need you gear yourself for when traveling to Manila and unfortunately some are big cons. But with smart planning it should keep your stay hassle free. Continue reading