GoPlug Power Bags , Everpurse and Mighty Purse

In an era where connectivity, efficiency and having power to go in a small handy pack is a necessity these several bag and storage products are a must when it comes keeping your handy devices and laptops on top of their charge.

Go Plug Power Bags

Thanks to a website called DudeIWantThat  I was able to stumble upon this stylish and durable bag called the GoPlug Power bag.

Created by Josh Cross, these bags have a reversable charing outlet and the bag is waterproof. Their Kickstarter Page showcases a mini pack , a back pack and computer bag designs, depending on the user needs. Priced below $130 for early bird buyers, these bags are being sold out FAST.   Josh have about 5 patents on the design as so no other company would copy it. And I have to say, I really like the camera bag.  Their most popular line to date is their GoPlug Backpack

I already started saving up for the $159.00 deal value which will end once their Kickstarter target date ends.

GoPlug Backpack Design  by Josh Cross

GoPlug Backpack Design by Josh Cross


For us ladies that don’t want the bulky feel and concept of carrying around a backpack just to charge say your smartphone or mp3 player. Or maybe you have a long business seminar and you need to dress and accessorize accordingly but still need to keep your phone charged, then perhaps Everpurse is for you.


The Everpurse Mini looks like an stylish clutch purse or wallet. According to the product website, the clasp doubles as a USB plug that allows to charge your iPhone 5 or 5s up to 48 hours of battery life.  For a limited time they are offering the purse for $98.00 + tax and shipping  (original price is $129.00) which is cheaper than your average luxury brand wallets.  Everpurse comes in 3 colors, Gold, Teal and Black.

Everpurse Mini

Everpurse Mini

There are some dealbreaker cons though to the ever purse.

*It acts as a phone case for your iPhone 5/ 5s. It will not fit any existing iphone with a case
*It only charges for iPhone 5/5s


Mighty Purse

There is an alternative purse charger called Mighty Purse which looks like the size of a Michael Kors clutch wallet which can fit a Samsung Note.  The built in lithium battery carries a 4000mAH  charge which is good for at least 1.5-2 charges worth.

Handbag Butler currently sells the purses at $99.99  but Amazon and other sites may sell them as low as $69-79.00 and comes in 12 stylish colors

Mighty Purse