First Fashion Review: Ebay Korean Style Top


Website look vs. actual for Korean Style Top from Ebay

I’ve always envied those Korean style and Japanese style tops and dresses that I would see from sites like Ebay, SheIn, Aliexpress and many more wholesale priced fashion sites from China.

I was hesitant to buy anything because China made fashion products are known to be at least 2 sizes smalled than thier US and UK counterparts.
Here in the US I would normally be an XL or size 14 (Old Navy and Target sizes). I’m little bit on the chubby/muffy size with a 41 inch or rather B Cup chest which makes finding a top for myself rather akward, moreso if its one of those Asian style fashions. I was also worried about the horror stories I  read and see in blog and youtube shopping haul sites where what they bought is not the same quality as what they saw online.

However with the cheap prices, free shipping and a promise of a plus size selections, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a cute heart printed top. Here is my review along with a Youtube video version.

This particular shirt was from Ebay. But the same one pops up on sites like Amazon, SheIn and Aliexpress. The Ebay selection said they have plus sizes and even provided a sizing chart. Being in US, Im size XL or size 12/14 – I decided to go 2XL with the heart print top. I bought the shirt on November 10 and recieved it on Nov 25- Black Friday here in the US. I paid only $3.50 for this shirt with free shipping. And from my recent experience from purchasing items from China, the speed of the shipping was pretty impressive since I was originally given a delivery date of Dec 5th.

The blouse/top came in a white plastic packet and the shirt was encosed in a clear plastic sleeve.
The top has a brand name called Liva or LivaGirl.
Looks wise the shirt looks nearly exactly as advertised, however up close the fabric was made of light nylon and is quite thin to the touch.img_1826

Size wise I think I should have gotten a 3XL instead. The fabric is NOT elastic nor stretchy and has no elastic seams. The shirt felt like about a medium and a half or large to me…and normally I fit into large tees from shops like Old Navy and Target but this I barely squeezed through.

I was able to slip myself into the top with some minor difficulty. As I said Im a bit chubby and busty so it is tight on the chest area where the blouse would scrunch or ride up slightly. Having no stretchy property really made this blouse difficult for me to take off and since the fabric was thin, with light stitching I was scared I might bust a seam.


2XL Shirt fit with some difficulty on the bottom lining. Cant cross arms without tightness.

Im planning to regift this top to someone that would fit this better. Overall this is a great Summer style top and the top does look pretty despite the thin fabric quality. Looks great with a blazer and jacket but too bad the size did not fit me. Sadly there are very few China/Korean style shirts that sell above 2XL.
Maybe if I lose about 10-15 lbs or go back to size 12 this would fit me better. However even if you are slimmer size 10 I feel this shirt will still have some issues if you are busty like a cup B or C.

NOTE: If you are US XL get a 3XL or 4XL from China to be safe.

Will I buy this again. Actually yes, but will opt for a different style- perhaps cotton and will try next time a 3xl or 4xl size.

Till the next post


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