Free Japan Tour of Narita-san – Narita Transit & Stay Program guide & review

I’ve been wanting to do this post forever since I first chanced upon the free Narita Transit tours offered at the Narita airport back in 2017.  However back then most of my layovers were 3-4 hours and I stayed inside the airport gate area and could not leave past immigration.


Naritasan Temple Part of Tour 1 Option of Narita Transit & Stay Program

Between 2018 and 2019 I purposely made 2 long layover trips in Japan en-route to the Philippines with me leaving the airport either from Haneda to Narita or Staying overnight in Narita- to be able to do the free tour and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So, what is the Narita Transit & Stay Tour? This is a program offered by Narita Airport for people with long daytime layovers of over 6+ hours or for tourists  staying close by the airport. These are English guided tours by  a Japanese local to one of  5 tour spots options such as Naritasan Temple, Sakae Town and Tako Town. They also offer self guided tours to nearby malls and markets some with a free shuttle available at the airport Bus Stops. Continue reading


Japan Limousine Bus: Haneda Airport to Narita Airport Shuttle Guide

Todays guide is again about Tokyo, Japan’s Limousine Bus Service.  On my last review I did the Narita to Haneda route.  Today I will be covering the Haneda International Airport to Narita airport route.

Using the Airports Friendly Limousine Bus service is perfect for hassle free & convenient transfers from either airport to airport or certain parts of Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Asakusa to name a few. They will even drop you off directly at select hotels and train stations. Continue reading

Using Coin Lockers in Narita Airport-Japan

Todays Japan Guide is about the Coin Locker use in Narita Airport.

I’m focusing on the coin lockers located in Terminal 2- 3rd floor Departure Lobby. This is the area where you check in for your flight & baggage check.  All of Narita airport terminals have a Coin Locker and Baggage  storage kiosk for use.

The coin lockers are perfect if you have some time to kill before your flight to tour the shopping center of the airport or do last minute tours or shopping in the areas around Narita like AEON Mall, Naritasan Temple, & the outlet malls. This way you don’t need to lug your heavy suitcases and just bring along with you your essentials like a handy purse or backpack, passport and wallet. Continue reading

Airport Layover Review: 9Hours Capsule Hotel Narita – Japan & 7-Eleven NRT

capsule hotel narita

On October- November 2018 I did a trip to the Philippines with each leg allowing me an overnight stay in Narita, Japan. This allowed me to do a bit of Vlogging on nearby accommodations for travelers who are in the same predicament as I was.  This article will cover my stay in the capsule hotel inside Narita Airport Terminal 2 called 9Hours Narita. And yes they provide FREE WIFI.

Continue reading

LBC Air Packet US-Manila delivery for $10- A Review & Guide

LBC Air Packet

LBC Air Packet envelope and bill of landing form

We have again another LBC Air Mail review. The last one I did was back in 2016 and I reviewed sending an airmail for a small box for about $27.00. That rate was a promo rate back in 2016 and has since increased.

Today I’m doing a review on their LBC Air Packet service which promises 4-7 day business time delivery. Continue reading

Tokyo Travels: Haneda Airport Coin Lockers and Luggage Storage Guide


Do you have a long layover in Tokyo and have some spare time to do a tour of the nearby area? Perhaps you have a couple of hours to spare before checking in to your flight but don’t want the hassle of lugging your suitcases around.  If you are in the vicinity of either Narita or Haneda Airport, they have convenient coin locker storage, designated luggage delivery or storage stations with manned attendants that can help ease your baggage burdens. Here is my guide of the experience 🙂 Continue reading