Comic Con 2014 Press Pre Registration and iPad Air

iPad air and iPad Mini- prices

iPad air and iPad Mini


This morning Oct 22, 2013 I received the email from Comic Con that the Press Badge pre-registration is open.  One of the purposes of me stating MsCircumstance was to create a  semi tech blog that would allow me to cover free lance articles about new games, travel and gadgets…and food…lots of food.

This will be my first time applying for the press badge for 2014 Comic Con. I barely fall under the category of podcasters and bloggers. I am hopeful that my application grants me access if not…well there’s always the back up plan and keep trying for next year.  for more information on how to apply for a press badge go to


iPad Air

Phil Schiller Introducing iPad Air during Live Keynote

In other news. Apple in their special live event just announced the their newest installment to the iPad family. The keynote started with a small update of the iPhone 5S and 5S release in London followed by an update of their new OS 10 upgrade Mavericks before unveiling the iPad 5 or rather iPad Air, aptly named for its thinner and lighther frame. The new iPad Mini also was revealed to have retina display and of course installed with iOS 7 and once paid apps like Keynote, iMovie, iWork, even Garage band comes in free with the upgraded devices.  Mac users were also given a treat of having to upgrade to the latest Mac OS Mavericks for Free.


So a lowdown on what the new iPad Air has:


1. 20% Thinner and a smaller bezel

2. Camera boast 5MP iSight, with a HD Face Time camera  (also an available feature with the new iPad Mini)

3. Runs with the A7 chip -8 x faster  and graphics 72x Faster

4. Retinal Display 9.7 inches

5. Has iOS 7 and 64 bit technology

6. Weighs about 1 pound- making it the lightest tablet

7. MIMO technology for the WiFI- Multiple antennas

8. Expanded LTE access

iPad Air features

Some vague things not mentioned where the exact release dates except it will be in time for the Christmas Holidays.

No word on the Fingerprint scanner that iPhone 5s have or variety of colors.


Prices: iPad Air $499  New iPad Mini $399


The initial reactions around the web is a bit “underwhelmed” as one yahoo Live Blogger covering the event said but it all comes down to how it well it works once it gets released sometime November (please not Black Friday)


Also personal update. Finally got my iPhone 5S. First smartphone for me to own–ever.  Still getting used to it and missing my old Nokia C3 already.