The Delectable Eggstraordinary Brunch- A Williams Sonoma Cooking Experience

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah  at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

It was a cool Sunday Morning that me and my housemate Emy parked at the still empty lot just outside JC Penny.  Our target was a 10:00 AM appointment at Williams Sonoma in Fashion Valley, San Diego.  Just 2 weeks ago, I signed up for one of their monthly culinary activities and today’s topic was creating the perfect poached eggs for brunch.

Deborah, the guest chef and lecturer gave us a warm smile as she  welcomed us into the store.  Me and Emy were first timers and the youngest ones in the group who often frequented the free cooking demonstrations that Williams Sonoma Offer. Continue reading


Pinoy Food Focus: Goldilocks

Goldilocks Rice Medley

Goldilocks Rice Medley : Mix of Garlic Fried Rice, Lechon Kawali, Tomatoes, Fried Eggs and minced mangoes

Goldilocks Bakery has become a staple name for Filipino desserts and bring home goodies. Got a birthday for your kid? Goldilocks.  Craving for some polvoron? Goldilocks.

The sucess of Golidilocks Bakery has expanded to not only cater to baked goods but open its doors to affordable dinning and open flagship stores in the US. My favorite nd the biggest in my county being in National City CA.

Today my friend treated me out for a good ol Filipino dinner. The plates cost about $8.00-15$ each and can search 2 people.  He ordered for himself some Pork Sparerib Sinigang. I ordered a Pampano Escabeche also  known as Seet and Sour Fish.   Then he ordered a Goldilocks Rice medley.  There are two versions of the medley. This one is your Filipino Adobo Galic rice, with chpped lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), minced mangoes and tomatoes. And The plate is only $9.00 good for 3 people. Its a meal itself.    So if ur up for some good ol Filipino Cookin, drop by a Goldilocks Bakery and Restaurant and enjoy a good eat.

Pampano Escabeche

Whole Pompano fish, fried, glazed with sweet and sour sauce. Complimented with bell peppers and onions.

The Sunday Sakura Tree

Sakura Flower on a Sakura Tree

Sakura Flower on a Sakura Tree. Taken with a Nikon D3100 ISO 100

I never noticed in all my years living at my block that a tree growing just outside my driveway was a sakura tree also known as cherry blossoms in Japan.  I’ve always wanted to take an upclose shot of one and today I got my chance.  This photo was taken with a Nikon D3100  with an  ISO 100.  No other editing was made (except resizing image file size)Sakura Tree Branch

Pork Chops Again: Pan seared Herbs and Peaches

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

This recipe is very simple

3 Freshly butcher cut pork chops with bone-in Fresh Rosemary and Basil Lemon Juice and Honey Virgin Olive Oil (2 1/2) tablespoon Salt, pepper and soy sauce Garlic Butter 1 teaspoon Peaches (Canned is good) Chopped Onions ( 1/4 cup)

I would salt and pepper the chops and drizzle a little lemon juice. In a container I mix the Olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped herbs, soy sauce and a bit of the syrup from canned peaches.

I add the chops and let it marinate for 10 minutes and drizzle a little honey.

I Heat a searing pan and add the garlic butter, some olive oil and the onions and let it carmelize a little then turn the heat up

I the put the chops and sear both sides evenly for 3 mins each.

I heat the oven for 375 degrees in which I had some asparagus drizzled with a little lemon juice and peaches. I put the chops on the baking sheet and put the asparagus on top with the chopped peaches so that the juices would seep in the meat. 10 Mins in the oven, remove and serve

Applewood rubbed and Peach Pork Ribs

Applewood Rubbed Pork Ribs

Applewood Rubbed Pork Ribs

Applewood rubbed Baby Back Ribs.

My room mate had some McCormic Grillmates Applewood rub.  We marinated the ribs for 10 minutes  in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice,  honey, and Worcestershire sacue.  And then we rubbed the grill mates on and left them to marinate for another 10 minutes. We later topped each rib with a peach from a canned peach, and used the syrup as a light glaze since the rub has a bit of kick.

Now its baking in 365 degrees or the next 45 mins to an hour.  Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

God Of War Ascension “From Ashes” Trailer

Today is one of those lazy Saturdays.  So I’ll keep todays post short.  Its very rare that I would hit the reply button on a game trialer/commercial as much as I did with the new God of War Ascenion trailer titled ” From Aashes”.  Originally debuted during superbowl, for anyone who has played the God of War series who is familiar with  the main characters Kratos, everlasting quest or rage and vengance yet haunted by nightmares of his family’s death by his own hands. This commercial as one Youtube commenter pointed out  ” shows a man’s breaking point and vulnerability”.

The song  used is a Living Phantoms remix of Ellie Goulding’s ” Hanging On”.  The actor playing Kratos is named Brandom White who was used a few times as a motion and character model of the main character and has been featured on Men’s Fitness magazine for his (ahem) ripped body.

God of War Ascension will be available in stores  March 12, 2013.