Pork Chops Again: Pan seared Herbs and Peaches

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

This recipe is very simple

3 Freshly butcher cut pork chops with bone-in Fresh Rosemary and Basil Lemon Juice and Honey Virgin Olive Oil (2 1/2) tablespoon Salt, pepper and soy sauce Garlic Butter 1 teaspoon Peaches (Canned is good) Chopped Onions ( 1/4 cup)

I would salt and pepper the chops and drizzle a little lemon juice. In a container I mix the Olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped herbs, soy sauce and a bit of the syrup from canned peaches.

I add the chops and let it marinate for 10 minutes and drizzle a little honey.

I Heat a searing pan and add the garlic butter, some olive oil and the onions and let it carmelize a little then turn the heat up

I the put the chops and sear both sides evenly for 3 mins each.

I heat the oven for 375 degrees in which I had some asparagus drizzled with a little lemon juice and peaches. I put the chops on the baking sheet and put the asparagus on top with the chopped peaches so that the juices would seep in the meat. 10 Mins in the oven, remove and serve


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