Appleliciously Julian


Main St. Julian California

Main St. Julian California

Today was my first time in Julian California. A 45 minute drive from San Diego, Julian is known for their world famous Apple Pies, bed and breakfast and for astronomy lovers- beautiful star gazing clear skies. During the winter season, this is the next closest place one can drive to see snow. Although you need tocheck road conditions and be prepare to drive with chains during the snowy winter weather as the roads may be closed on those times especially on the uphill climbs.

Apple Butter from the Cider Mill store in Julian CA

Julian Bed and Breakfast Lodge

While I was there it was a must to visit Julian Pie Co and the the popular MOMS  café- known for their pies and sandwiches.  I bought home a apple pie pudding and a boysenberry pie.

Pies from Julian Pie Co

In The Apple Cider Mill, the Apple Butter and Pumpkin Butter is a MUST to buy. Also indulge with Apple Boysenberry Cider.

The drive on the way up to Julian is breathtakingly beautiful taking the CA-79 N, but one must be cautious when travelling as the road up to the mountains have a lot of Zig Zags, uphill routes and narrow roads close to cliffs and rock walls. Also drivers must be mindful of bikers that share the road with you. The narrow highway is a perfevt drive for motorcycle enthusiats and upon arriving in Julian, 50%-60% of the tourists are bikers.    

Rock hill formations during drive up Julian N-79 CA

Can’t wait for my next visit and it a total recommend to go to and maybe stay especially during the Summer and Winter season where it would be the best spot to rent a cabin, take a few astronomy and stargazing classes and get a front seat view of meteor showers- perfect for night photography enthusiasts.



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Windows Crashing after Windows Update error

Windows Crashing after Windows Update error

Thanks to Microsoft Update, a “routine” update from Microsoft crashed my PC to an infinite reboot loop. There are several users who experienced the same or similar problems and unfortunately there was no fix to it becuase it would NOT let you access safe mode or restore from a previous point. The only way to fix the issue was to completely reinstall Windows 7 which means will wipe any data in your hard drive. The good news was, all my files and pictures were still intact. I was lucky to have an IT friend who pulled out all my files before we reinstalled the OS.  But the whole process took more than a month since other things in life got in the way.

if you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 System be weary about your Microsoft Updates. Make sure to always have a restore point and back up your data.More information regarding this issue can be read at  Windows Crashing after Windows Update error

Now that’s out of the way, I would like to plug my Local 3DS Street pass. StreetPass is a feature for the Nitendo 3DS system to allow users to meet and exchange data with other Nitendo 3DS users. A Nitendo 3DS user can connect with another StreetPass user within a 20-30 Feet radius. Many of the Nitendo 3DS games benefits with pinging as many StreetPass Mii characters (Mii – being a users created avatar) and they even have downloadable games created solely for the Mii StreetPass Plaza characters such as Find Mii and Puzzle Swap.  For more information about StreetPass and 3Ds games read

Meeting fellow Mii 3DS users in Streetpass Mii Plaza

In the Southern California region, the most popular monthly StreetPass event was the Los Angeles Street pass that was often held in a mall inside the Little Tokyo District.  Living in San Diego, travelling to LA every month was just not convinient, not to mention there is also a huge Nitendo 3DS community that resides in my city.   Luckly StreetPass San Diego was formed. The monthly meet up has been around for at leat 2 years or more or less but has gradually gained momentum under David’s (can’t remember his last name) and his teams organization. Recently most of the Streetpass Events are being heled inside the beautiful newly built San Diego Public Library located downtown. At the 9th floor auditorium right underneath the steel sphere.

The events are fun, often with competitions and raffle prizes. And the occasionnal home backed cupcakes Today I wanted to share pictures from Sunday’s March 16th event.

San Diego StreetPass Community

San Diego StreetPass Community

On a good day as many as 80-120 people attend.  These meet ups are monthly so for more information of Streetpass dates  go to