Get Stacked



Stacked in Fashion Valley Mall


One thing I love about the kickoff of Holiday season are the longer mall hours. No rushing for that 7pm or 8pm closing time. And after all that walking and shopping, it certainly builds up an appetite.

The Westfield Fashion Valley Mall is a mecca of boutiques for ones gift giving shopping spree and after the summer renovations were completed, several new restaurants now calls this mall their new home.

And no one can turn down a good burger. What’s better is no one can turn down a good burger place where you can customize the burger yourself.  That’s where Stacked comes in, as what their motto says “Food Well Built” Continue reading


Stop and smell the apples

English Toffee Caramel Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Black Friday shopping was like entering into a war zone. People pushing, shoving for those deals. Running out of the right shirt size, the long lines, the long wait before the store opens.

But inbetween walking through the flooded mall of Irvine Spectrum, one can’t resist but to stop and smell these brown caramel covered works of art from the Rock Mountain Chocolate Factory and just dissapear in its sweetness.

Thanksgiving Prep and Drama

Thanksgiving 2012 food preparation. Using ham instead of Turkey


What are we Thankful for? Today I am prepping for my Thanksgiving meal a night early. I decided to do Honeybaked Ham with some grilled veggies and scalloped potatoes. This Thanksgiving week, I was greeted by a near tragedy of possibly losing my pet cat Felixis, a 4 year old stray tabby whom I’ve looked after since she was born behind my boiler on a October. Ham is easier to cook under 2 hours as to Turkey which can take 4. But like all major Holidays, some few dramas unfolded. Continue reading

Just Stir Fry Recipe


I bought myself a new 11 inch wok from Target under $15.00   And to break it in I decided to make some long due Beef Stir Fry.

Just Stir Fry

Prime Beef Chuck-roll  same used for Shabu Shabu restaurant
Shredded carrots Baby Bok Choy Seasame Oil and lemon juice 1 Tablespoon Butter Pepper, salt and garlic. And Onions if you want
Bit of Soy sauce or Ponzu sauce


Cook carrots and onnions first in drizzle of sesame oil, butter and lemon juice. Season with salt, peper and light drizzle of lemon At meat. stir fry and let simmer in medium heat Season with salt, pepper, drizzle of soy sauce. Add Bok Choy last when meat is close to done 🙂

Should be done in 8-10 mins depending how you want it