Revolving Sushi Restaurant – Kula Sushi in San Diego

Kula Sushi San Diego

My friend Danny has been raving about the new revolving sushi restaurant in Convoy St. San Diego called Kula Sushi.
Problem is every time we got there, there was always an 1-2 hour wait for either lunch or dinner.
However today we got lucky after we got a tip on when the best time to go with nearly no line.
And went we did, having a blast with the Revolving Sushi bar, the games and media incorporated with your meal and a somewhat competitive wave of hunger/emotions to finish a LOT of plates to in able to win a toy. This is our Kula Sushi review and experience. Continue reading


Shopping for Pasalubong. An Amateur Balikbayani’s Guide


Pocky Pretzels from Japan

It’s less than 3 weeks before my flight to manila. I will be making a quick stop over in Tokyo and I plan to do a mini Blog about the wonderful airport facility there.

Lately I have been massively broke yet bombarded by request from friends and family for pasalubongs- Tagalog term for gifts.

Good thing we have the Marukai stores in San Diego, several branches of Japanese themed home stores and groceries with affordable and high quality gift items I can send back home.

I already bought some sake and tea spices for friends and family especially Roasted Buckwheat Tea.  I’m saving up for some Japanese KitKats and Oreos.

I did a quick video of the Marukai Market Stores that can give you some ideas on where to shop for Japanese Spices and Ramen so you can make one at home, also those awesome home tools that only Japan can think of.

This is really one of my favorite stores to shop and I bought some great home organizers already at their home and office supply section.


Balikbayan Pasalubong Gift Ideas from The Container Store

Gifting my friends and family can be a dubious challenge especially if they are picky or if you only have a set budget that you need to work on.  Then there’s the issue of the weight and size a gift can fit in your luggage or balikbayan box that you send home.

While trying to be creative on what to send back to the Philippines via the Balikbayan box my friend took me to The Container Store in Fashion valley, San Diego. There I found a ton of great gifting ideas that are unique, thoughtful, practical and wont hurt your budget.

In addition I created a Video Blog of my finds and you can view it here

Compartment organizers

Thes clear compartment organizers are a great give for people that are well organized. Perfect to store charging cables and small jewelry.
If you or your friends are into crafting like beads, this is a way to neatly store supplies.

Compartment Boxes

Compartment Boxes

Flip Out Bins
Bigger pull down organizers are great for the workshop to store bolts or nail, or use them in the kitchen to keep away spices or sachet mixes.


Mobile Flip Out Boxes from The Container Store Perfect for your workshop or kitchen

Mason Jars

There is a huge demand and trend for Mason jars. Can be used as a mug, some use them for baking. A pen holder, coin drop, the uses are endless…or use them for their original purpose, creating yummy jams 🙂

Glass Mason Jars from The Container Store

Glass Mason Jars from The Container Store

The Container Store is also a great place to find essential gear for your travel. Like a handheld weight for your luggage, luggage organizers, and more.

I hove more gifting ideas to come so stay tuned 🙂

A Look at San Diego’s Marvel Experience

The domes of the Marvel Experience Tour

The domes of the Marvel Experience Tour

On February 7th The San Dieo Del Mar Racetrack opened its doors to host the Marvel Experience. A Hyperreliaty tour of the Marvel Universe as a SHEILD Agent recruit.
The Marvel Experience is a hands on adventure, great for kids and adults alike with hands on activities like the Starks Industries Holobrast, Spirdeman wall climb challenge and the Black Widow Agility test.
The best reward for me was getting my SHEILD Badge

The event is extended for another week till 28th of February.
Here is a photoblog of what you can expect inside the Marvel Experience

You can still purchase passes for the Marvel tour at and check out other city tour dates like for San Francisco in March Continue reading

The Marvel Experience Comes To San Diego


                                                                                        Marvel Experience Dome

2015 is definitely Marvel’s movie year.  With two films on the release Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st and Ant Man on July 17th (right around Comic Con Month) and the just released mini TV series on ABC’s  Agent Carter  everyone is on a Marve-licious high.

Now what can top that.  Why a 3d/4d SHEILD Training chance Marvel Experience of course!  The Marvel Experience will be coming to San Diego at the Del Mar Fairgrounds starting February 7- 22.

Keeping this brief so that you can immediately click on the Marvel Experience Website to purchase your soon to be Sold out tickets, here is a brief look on what the experience can offer you.

Marvel Experience

General Admission   Starting from $33.00-35.50

Seven 2d Stereoscopic Dome
4D Motion Ride

VIP SHEILD Special Operative Package  at $99.00
•One (1) Pass to The Marvel Experience*
•Invitation to the Marvel-Themed VIP Lounge featuring light fare, cash bar, charging station, coat check, VIP bathroom, and more
•Priority Access into the experience and the Simularium Theatre
•One (1) Limited Edition The Marvel Experience poster – signed and numbered by the artist
•One (1) Spider-Man Climbing Wall Photo puts you in the action high above the city!
•One (1) Customized Merchandise Item to commemorate your heroic day
•Access to Premium Parking (one spot per order)
•On-site Experience Concierge with expertise of the show and the Marvel Universe

Go to the Marvel Experience Website or Ticket Master for more Admission details

Kokoro Restaurant – A new Omakase style restaurant in San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

For those who are familiar with Weller Court in the Little Tokyo District in Los Angeles, there was once a restaurant there called Kappo Ishito that served  wonderful authentic Japanese sushi by their head chef Akio Ishito. The restaurant got many rave reviews but unfortunately their door closed in 2010 since the owners moved to San Diego.

Now Mr. Akio Ishito is back with a new restaurant in San Diego called Kokoro Restaurant.   Kokoro in Japanese means “Heart” or “from the Heart” which embodies the dedication and love that Mr. Akio puts into his work. He chooses the freshest of ingredients which he proudly displays onto the front bar of his restaurant.   His menu has a specialty for Jidori Chicken recipes. Jidori meals are made from free range chickens which ecompasses Mr. Akio’s theme of freshly made, high quality dishes.

Chef Akio Ishito

Chef Akio Ishito and his creations, Tako Sushi and Jidori Chicken

Kokoro Restaurant just opened their doors this May 2014 and also offer Omakase service if you reserve 2 days early.

Well who am I to keep telling the story about Kokoro.  If you are a serious Sushi connoisseur that really appreciates authentic Japanese style cusine, you need to visit Kokoro and try it out for yourself.

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

One more plus I will give, Kokoro in my book is one of the few Japanese restaurants I know that serves desserts other than green tea ice cream. They have a selection of Panna Cotta,  Goma Pudding (sesame pudding), and red bean soup.  The Panna Cotta I LOOOVEEE -really velvety.


For more info visit their website at