A Happy Hallows Eve To All!

Creative Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

May your tricks be fillied with eeriely treats

And your Treat Bags heavy with sweets

Stay safe, stay ghoul

On Hallows Night for all….


The TESLA Model S Car Experience

The 2012 Tesla Model S

What do you think when you hear of the name Tesla? For those remembering 5-6th grade Science, Nikolai Tesla was an Electrical Engineer, Physicist and inventor-rival of sorts to Thomas Edison during the  late 1800’s to 1900’s. He was known for the invention and patenting of the AC electrical supply system and for every science fiction junkie, seemed to be the model for ever mad scientist out there due to his futuristic like inventions and experiments with electricity.  For short he made science really cool.  Fast forward close to 100 years later, engineers and innovators of our day is using that same concept in harnessing the power of electricity in the invention of Hybrid and full electrical vehicles.  This is my first review of a car model so please bear with me on this article. Continue reading

Its never too early for Christmas Bibingkang Galapong ( Rice Cheesecake)

Bibingka Galapong ( Rice Cheesecake)

Bibingka is a popular rice cake dessert from the Philippines. there are many variations of Bibingka, but once the Christmas holidays closes in its the Bibingkang Galapong that is the King of  Filipino Sweets.

Traditional Bibingkang Galapong is cooked with coconut milk and/or rice water, eggs and flour. Other ingridients can be added for flavor and variety, but typically it’s topped with cheese or a slice of salted egg, then sprinkled with freshly shaved coconut meat and sugar. Then served warm. wrapped in banana leaves.  It has such a fluffy hotcake texture and it really goes well with the coconut.

Back in the Philippines, it has been a tradition for church goers especially for those attending the early morning Christmas sermon to line up next to the Bibingka peddler.  They cook/bake the rice cake fresh at thier little mobile stalls,  trdictionally inside clay pots over coals. This is a must have on the table during Christmas Dinner.

Here in the San Diego, there is only one place that I buy Bibigka Galapong and its a humble Filipino restaurant called Manila Sunset.  I go to the one located in National City which is packed daily. I also get from them my Liempo (grilled bacon slabs) fix and Pork BBQ skewers.  A Bibingka Galapong costs about $2.75 and takes about 3-5 minute wait.  The only con about Manila Sunset is the wait time for all other meals.  They get such a high demand of orders that most meals can take up to 15-20 minutes wait.  Most valued patrons are aware of this and often call in their orders regarless if its for dine in or take out.

However, this is totally the place to go for authentic Filipino, holiday style Bibingka and other rice cakes .  For store information

925 E. Plaza Blvd.  National City, CA 91950
Phone: (619) 474-0421