The Hidden Beauty of Bato Springs San Pablo- Laguna

Before I start my article, I would like to tell any interested adventure seekers of this spring…DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE MAPS on the location.  The spring is located deep into the mountainous and forested area of Laguna that you need to be in San Pablo itself and ask locals to help you find it. ADVENTURE isn’t it?

I remember when I was planning my 2015 home trip back to the Philippines, I wanted to off some items from  my bucket list. One of them was reconnecting with nature and be able to capture it in photographs.

I originally planned for a trip to Coron however the APEC 2015 summit that collided with my schedule didn’t allow that due to a weeklong transportation ban both air and sea.

Days before my scheduled trip, I was  googling and instagraming hidden vacation spots hopefully close to home, when tagged photos of a hidden spring in San Pablo Laguna called Bato Springs grabbed my attention.  Pictures of the springs hailed crystal clear waters and a small waterfall carved both naturally and manmade from the mountain. I just have to go there. Continue reading


A Look at San Diego’s Marvel Experience

The domes of the Marvel Experience Tour

The domes of the Marvel Experience Tour

On February 7th The San Dieo Del Mar Racetrack opened its doors to host the Marvel Experience. A Hyperreliaty tour of the Marvel Universe as a SHEILD Agent recruit.
The Marvel Experience is a hands on adventure, great for kids and adults alike with hands on activities like the Starks Industries Holobrast, Spirdeman wall climb challenge and the Black Widow Agility test.
The best reward for me was getting my SHEILD Badge

The event is extended for another week till 28th of February.
Here is a photoblog of what you can expect inside the Marvel Experience

You can still purchase passes for the Marvel tour at and check out other city tour dates like for San Francisco in March Continue reading

Philippine Trip: San Pablo, Laguna (Photo Blog)

I’ve been meaning to post sooner but the internet connection I got here in Manila is horribly slow. Worse, if it rains the signal drops in and out.

Today, I asked my Dad if we can go to our province in San Pablo, Laguna.  I heard that San Pablo has at least 7 beautiful lakes, the closest to us being Lake Sampalok. Unfortunately due to the rains we were only able to tour Sampalok Lake.

I took some time to take some quick shots around my hometown and wanted to share them with my readers.

Mount Makiling, Laguna as seen via SLEX

Mount Makiling, Laguna as seen via SLEX

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E3 side trip: Cosplay ideas Los Angeles Fashion District

Angel wings at Top Trims LA Fashion District

Angel wings at Top Trims LA Fashion District

Since E3 is more of a gamers and media professional tradeshow, you don’t get to see a lot of Cosplayers lurking around…besides its not allowed.
However with Comic Con 2014 in sight the running theme for costumes (besides Batman, Superman, Avengers) will come from the recent blockbuster and deliciously evil Malificent. Angelina Jolie who played the role so well (even though the storyline seemed rushed) donned an amazing set of wings and of course the black drapped and horn getup we all know from our favorite Disney Villain.  And speaking of Disney, I am sure everyone else would love to dress up as Queen Elsa from Frozen. Continue reading