New Balikbayan Box Rates as of 2015-2016

A balikbayan box container from Alas Cargo

This is just a quick update.

I’m scheduled to travel again to the Philippines in a few weeks so my time is more or less juggling work and prepping up for my trip.  Which is great since I needed to take more video shots of the hotels I previously stayed last November being that my previous shots were unusable.


Normally I would get more than 5 months notice before I travel back home so I have time to send out a Balikbayan Box to our house in Manila. And on each time I always post an article on “How to Pack” and “Balikbayan Box Rates“.  I also add a disclaimer to check with your local Balikbayan Box shippers to check any changes in rates and unfortunately as of November 2015 sea cargo rates for Southern California has gone up due to changes in Philippines Custom Clearance. Continue reading


Being Identity Hacked

Being a victim of Identity Theft

In my lifetime I believe I have been only seriously stolen a handful of times

First was when I was 19, my Dad did business with a “family friend” who ran off with our car and life savings. Make matters worse, said criminal friend created a fake id using my name but with a different picture. Philippine NBI did very little to help our cause. We never recovered our car or life savings. Continue reading