Dad’s recipes: Creamy Celery Shrimp

Creamy shrimp


After a long, LONG hiatus after my trip to the Philippines, I am finally back.

I cant wait to do all my posts about my trip to Japan and all the hotel stays I did around Manila. But before that, I wanted to share my dad cooking everyone that reads or passes on this humble blog.

Background: My dad worked in the US Navy for 20+ years, one of the many positions and duties he acquired was that of being the mess hall cook.  Being that he is already good at his craft, he had a bit of following among his shipmates and officers who enjoyed his cooking, some he would invent on the spot.

I was nine years old when he first introduced to me one of my favorite meals of all times. Creamy Celery Shrimp.

In the Philippines if you ever go to the seafood wet market (local farmers market)  you will find giant prawns and tiger shrimp suitable for this recipe.  Unfortunately my dad does not tend to write down what he makes, everything is by memory. So with his permission,   I tagged along and him with my iphone, recording his every move.

Hopefully you guys can enjoy this simple and oh so good meal that I have enjoyed for years



Left Over Beef Stir Fry Sukiyaki

Stir Fry Beef Sukiyaki With Cabbage

Stir Fry Beef Sukiyaki With Cabbage

Last night me and the family had an awesome Hot Pot/ Shabu Shabu dinner.
We were able to finish everything but left a few amount of the raw ingredients such as

Thinly Sliced Beef Brisket (about 4-5 small slices and crumbling)
Leftover Sukiyaki soup base/sauce
Napa Cabbage
Half stick of carrot

When I came home I realized the remaining ingredients weren’t enough for a 2nd round of Shabu Shabu but were good enough for some stir fry

So here’s a quick and easy recipe for a quick dinner or lunch stir fry for Beef Sukiyaki. Continue reading

Kokoro Restaurant – A new Omakase style restaurant in San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

For those who are familiar with Weller Court in the Little Tokyo District in Los Angeles, there was once a restaurant there called Kappo Ishito that served  wonderful authentic Japanese sushi by their head chef Akio Ishito. The restaurant got many rave reviews but unfortunately their door closed in 2010 since the owners moved to San Diego.

Now Mr. Akio Ishito is back with a new restaurant in San Diego called Kokoro Restaurant.   Kokoro in Japanese means “Heart” or “from the Heart” which embodies the dedication and love that Mr. Akio puts into his work. He chooses the freshest of ingredients which he proudly displays onto the front bar of his restaurant.   His menu has a specialty for Jidori Chicken recipes. Jidori meals are made from free range chickens which ecompasses Mr. Akio’s theme of freshly made, high quality dishes.

Chef Akio Ishito

Chef Akio Ishito and his creations, Tako Sushi and Jidori Chicken

Kokoro Restaurant just opened their doors this May 2014 and also offer Omakase service if you reserve 2 days early.

Well who am I to keep telling the story about Kokoro.  If you are a serious Sushi connoisseur that really appreciates authentic Japanese style cusine, you need to visit Kokoro and try it out for yourself.

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

One more plus I will give, Kokoro in my book is one of the few Japanese restaurants I know that serves desserts other than green tea ice cream. They have a selection of Panna Cotta,  Goma Pudding (sesame pudding), and red bean soup.  The Panna Cotta I LOOOVEEE -really velvety.


For more info visit their website at



My First Pan Seared Steak- Thanks to


I love steaks. I love Tri Tip with some Au Jus sauce, I love me some medium well Fillet Mignon, I LOOOOOVEEE me some New York Strip Steak. However I don’t love is the 20$ a plate that I need to pay plus tax, a dress code and a long wait line in a really good steakhouse.

Steaks and Pan

I’ve always feared cooking steak. I kept my cooking safe by baking or stir frying easy meals. But I have yet to conquer the steak in the kitchen.  Today I face that fear. I was gifted my first stainless steel searing pan and with some help from an easy How To Sear Steak from  I was able to make a non visually appetizing but just oh so yummy New York Pan Seared Steak. I tweaked the instructions a bit. As I have some McCormicks Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade powder. However today I am making 2 steaks. One simple (with salt and pepper) and the other with the brown sugar marinade.   I did a test yesterday and the brown sugar gave my steak a burnt look but it was all juicy inside.  The instructions from are really easy and give helpful tips. Its a real no brainer.

By the way as for cost. I only spent $9.00 for 2 strips of New York steak from Fresh and Easy. it even comes with a peppercorn sauce you can heat in the microwave and glaze on your meat once its done.


For the how to video here is the link


The Delectable Eggstraordinary Brunch- A Williams Sonoma Cooking Experience

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah  at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

It was a cool Sunday Morning that me and my housemate Emy parked at the still empty lot just outside JC Penny.  Our target was a 10:00 AM appointment at Williams Sonoma in Fashion Valley, San Diego.  Just 2 weeks ago, I signed up for one of their monthly culinary activities and today’s topic was creating the perfect poached eggs for brunch.

Deborah, the guest chef and lecturer gave us a warm smile as she  welcomed us into the store.  Me and Emy were first timers and the youngest ones in the group who often frequented the free cooking demonstrations that Williams Sonoma Offer. Continue reading

Pork Chops Again: Pan seared Herbs and Peaches

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

Healthy Pan seared pork chops

This recipe is very simple

3 Freshly butcher cut pork chops with bone-in Fresh Rosemary and Basil Lemon Juice and Honey Virgin Olive Oil (2 1/2) tablespoon Salt, pepper and soy sauce Garlic Butter 1 teaspoon Peaches (Canned is good) Chopped Onions ( 1/4 cup)

I would salt and pepper the chops and drizzle a little lemon juice. In a container I mix the Olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped herbs, soy sauce and a bit of the syrup from canned peaches.

I add the chops and let it marinate for 10 minutes and drizzle a little honey.

I Heat a searing pan and add the garlic butter, some olive oil and the onions and let it carmelize a little then turn the heat up

I the put the chops and sear both sides evenly for 3 mins each.

I heat the oven for 375 degrees in which I had some asparagus drizzled with a little lemon juice and peaches. I put the chops on the baking sheet and put the asparagus on top with the chopped peaches so that the juices would seep in the meat. 10 Mins in the oven, remove and serve