Ms. Circumstance

I cant tell you my real name. My real name is actually very unique and easy to search via Google Search.

So call me Mia. Filipina. I’m a video gamer, frustrated cook, hopeless single and must have been born with a bad luck sign. I live independently somewhere in Southern CA working as a coordinator.

On my free time I attempt to clean house but always fail at it. My life is NEVER boring. And I have a goal of fullfilling my bucket list soon. I’m still getting used to the Western culture as I tend to be very naive, thanks to my Filipino upbringing.

Hopefully Life will be kind to me in the next few years while I still have some positive steam going on. Enjoy the page ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Ms. Circumstance

  1. I like the info you provided about sending Balikbayan box to PI. I called one of the forwarders on your list and they’re going to pick up my box the following day. I sent one box before but I can’t remember the carrier, it took one month and two weeks for it to arrive. To me that’s not right because they promised that it would take a month. If it’s late by 3 to 7days , I would understand but not 14 days.
    You’ve been very helpful, I hope other people would share their experience and knowhow regarding daily community life.
    Thanks. (Pepot)

    • Hi Pepot. Thanks for your comment. When I send BB boxes to the Philippines especially before my travel back home, I sometimes count 40 days max just in case there are “delays”
      Some of the causes of the delays are either the date they pick up the box at you place or when you dropped it off at the BB vendor – is past the company’s cut off date. One company ships out their BB boxes on a Saturday and leaves San Diego Friday. Their cut off can be 2-3 days before shipment.
      Another major issue is customs, when a particular shipment is chosen for audit, it delays delivery of the boxes to their recipients. Holidays like Christmas should be given consideration since there’s a surge of BB box deliveries to the Philippines. If there is something small I would like to send on a certain date then I would use a balikbayan courier with air package cargo like LBC. I pay more but they get it with in 2 weeks. Hope this insight helps

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