My First Pan Seared Steak- Thanks to


I love steaks. I love Tri Tip with some Au Jus sauce, I love me some medium well Fillet Mignon, I LOOOOOVEEE me some New York Strip Steak. However I don’t love is the 20$ a plate that I need to pay plus tax, a dress code and a long wait line in a really good steakhouse.

Steaks and Pan

I’ve always feared cooking steak. I kept my cooking safe by baking or stir frying easy meals. But I have yet to conquer the steak in the kitchen.  Today I face that fear. I was gifted my first stainless steel searing pan and with some help from an easy How To Sear Steak from  I was able to make a non visually appetizing but just oh so yummy New York Pan Seared Steak. I tweaked the instructions a bit. As I have some McCormicks Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade powder. However today I am making 2 steaks. One simple (with salt and pepper) and the other with the brown sugar marinade.   I did a test yesterday and the brown sugar gave my steak a burnt look but it was all juicy inside.  The instructions from are really easy and give helpful tips. Its a real no brainer.

By the way as for cost. I only spent $9.00 for 2 strips of New York steak from Fresh and Easy. it even comes with a peppercorn sauce you can heat in the microwave and glaze on your meat once its done.


For the how to video here is the link



E3 2013 Photo Blog -Wednesday Goodies


The biggest Entertainment and Electronics Expo   E3 Con kick with a bang this year, starting with the Playstation 4 Console reveal and sucker punching the heck out of Xbox One. Also came releases of various movie trailers and film announcements such as the new Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Trailer and 300 Rise of an Empire preview.

For the E3 Attendant besides bumping elbows with the media and gaming giants and attending live press con on various gaming and production companies, nothing beats getting in on some freebie giveaways and limited merchandise.

Plants Vs. Zombie at E3

Last year for me its was a Wreck it Ralph search. This year Nitendo had the Mario Kart 8 racing flags. Plants Vs. Zombies gave away seed packets. Bungie’s Destiny gave away shirts and Square Enix had must have bags (drooolsss.)

E3 Con merchandise

Unfortunately, my real world job called me back so there was very little of E3 for me to enjoy in such a haste. But for those reading. Enjoy the pictures!

E3 Con Sony Playstation Big Boom: PS4 $399


Today at E3 Con Sony Playstation 4 conference, they released so much games that just blew my mind. Kingdom hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15 (formerly Versus-13), Destiny, Killzone, Gran Turismo.

But the 2 Big reveals was the new design for the PS4 and the price of $399.00  Of course it doesn’t hurt that you can play used and borrowed games without the need to be online with the PS4 (plus some older games available on the Playstation network)

Hmmmmm…sorry Xbox it may have hurt for you on this one.


Go to the Sony Playstation Blog for the new look of PS4

Playstation 4 from Sony Website

E3 Convention XBox One Smart Glass, XBox Live and new Dead Rising 3

E3Con XBox One unviel features how Xbox Live and Smart glass will allow you to broadcast live your gameplay and share with friends.
Capcom also gave us the stunning gameplay for their new Dead Rising 3 title.


E3 Convention XBox One Games Peek: Forza Motorsports


Preview of Forza Motorsport 5 in E3 XBox One unviel

Today at the Electronic Entertainments Expo or E3Con 2013 in Los Angeles. Xbox One kicked of with previews of its future games
Dan Greenwalt introduces the newest racing game called Forza Motorsport 5. Which will utilize Xbox ive and the Cloud in uploading your driving skills as you go. Here is a preview of the quality of its ingame footage

E3 Convention Sneak Peak: Batman Arkham Origins

QR Code for Batman Arkham Origins

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3 Convention running this week,  one of the biggest games being heavily showcased is the new release from Warner Bro’s Interactive – the new Batman Arkham Origins which serve as a predecessor five years before the events of Arkham Asylum.  Today in E3 Convention, you will find these QR codes that will give you a sneak preview of the new game.