Food and Friends for Comfort


Side Dishes and Korean BBQ Grill at Manna San Diego

This week has been tough. And I was moping all day due to stress and feeling of low morale. I am glad though that I have a friend who is there for me to take me to a good barbecue place when needed. Continue reading


Ipad Cook-book Banana Bread


Yummy Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love good ol home made Banana Bread. And thanks to my Ipad I was able to follow a simple recipe from this site   with a few tweaks ( added choclate chips)

Nothing makes the Monday blues all sunny and warm than warm fluffy choc-chip Banana Bread

Its one of those days :(

I am a firm believer that God exists and my relationship with Him is that of a Father and a stubborn, willful daughter. Often times I question the rules our church and there are days I feel like not attending service because I’m that stubborn of a child (Black Sheep if you will). I admit that I am no model citizen and more flawed than the potholes of  our Main Street. Today, was one of those days I feel like my faith and patience are being tested. Continue reading

A Quick Buy Bangus Dinner (Milkfish)


Fried Marinated Milkfish

The great thing about living in a city with a rich Filipino community is the easy accessibility to take out Filipino food.

Normally my Wednesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days of the week, packed with meetings, inventory and more meetings plus the long drive through traffic on the way home; the last thing I look forward doing would be slaving another hour at the kitchen for dinner (and dishes) Continue reading

HOT WEEKEND UPDATE:Good Food, Hot Shops, Great Game, Bad Heat

To most people they would say I am beyond lucky to know a generous friend who can score me tickets to the opening home game of the San Diego Chargers  against the Tennessee Titans on Sept 16 Sunday.  Unfortunately, yesterday marked one of the hottest days of the year for San Diego. As much as I appreciated the sweet seats just 2 rows from the goal post, I had to excuse myself every 10-15 minutes or so to seek a cool breeze and most importantly, shade. Continue reading