Bad Luck and Go Fund Me


This is my home its not much but to me its everything

This is my home its not much but to me its everything


I am starting to suspect that bad luck has a thing for me. Not too long ago, I posted about the time I was nearly homeless. I was able to catch some break over the years but there was always that fear when it comes to the home I live in. I live in this 2 bedroom house south of San Diego that is being rented out to me in the past 7-8 years by a distant relative.  The area was at one point dubbed a low income district but despite the positive changes over the decades and a lower crime rate the identity stuck. After my mother passed and my dad moved back to the Philippines to retire and grieve, I was left with a new debt which grew after the hospital bills and loss of employment of that ill-fated year. I found over the years 3 long term housemates/roommates that helped me with paying the lease of my home. Continue reading


Kimonos and Nisei Week

Little girls in Kimonos during Nisei Week 2013

Little girls in Kimonos during Nisei Week 2013

Ladies in Kimonos, Nisei Week

Little girls in Kimonos during Nisei Week 2013

August 10-18 Little Tokyo, Los Angeles celebrates Nisie Week, which celebrates the Japanese Culture and Traditions. I was lucky enough be able to partake in some of the festivities on Aug 17 and 18.   But my favorite of all were the parade of people in Kimonos that paraded down the street.  Too bad I didn’t have enough time to take more photos but these two cuts the cake and the cute 🙂

Korea Town Happyness!

Korea Town Food Choices

Cakes from The Cake House and Stir Fried Rice Cake yummm

It was my first time in Korea Town Los Angeles today. I’m keeping this post short because Im still on the road as I write.

Me and a friend decided on a whim to go to Korea Town in Los Angeles since we were by the area. It scared me at first going there since we seem to drove by a bad part of town (we took a wrong turn)

We ended up in City Center Mall at 6th Ave. where the Zion Marketplace is and headed to their food court since it was lunch time. First time I tried a South Korean Street Food called Stir Fried Rice Cake. It has a both of broth, carrots, fish cake and cabbage and it WAS AMAZING!  I’m posting now a barrage of photos from the place but its definitely worth a visit plu I may get a hair cut at the ETUDE Lounge salon at the 3rd floor.

DSC_0116 City Center Korea Town

Zumba Zumba!

It has been close to three weeks since my last post. Real life caught up with me big time right after Comic Con.  During Comic Con our company pretty much puts its focus onto the week long convention then plays catch up the Monday after on any work left behind.

In addition to that, I have gained a considerable amount of weight the past 3-4 years. I used to be and was always had a slender frame till I moved to San Diego. My long worked hours made me lazy to eat healthy and I always opted for the easy fast food choice. Back in my younger days, I was one of those people who ate a lot but barely gained weight and brushed it off as having a fast metabolism.  Once I hit my mid 20’s that all changed.   I’m now around 25-30 lbs overweight.

The good news for me is  a Zumba studio just opened up about a stones throw away from my house.  Classes are $5.00 per each 1 hour session and I believe $30.00 of 1 month.  I started Zumba 2 weeks ago.  And these are some pointers I learned as a cold beginner of this fitness crave. Continue reading