Prince Mickey and Little Cinderella

Prince Cowboy Mickey helping out little Cinderella

A young girl dressed up as Cinderella in Disneyland being helped with her shoe by Mickey Mouse

I am ever grateful to always have my camera around. Shot’s like these are what I live for. Simple and beautiful especially when it was taken from The Happiest Place On Earth.

The story behind this shot was simple.  A Cowboy Mickey Mouse character (with his Minnie) made his rounds posing pictures for the fans at Disneyland Anaheim. A young Cinderella dressed princess approached for a picture and what she got was a kiss on her hand and an impromptu waltz by Mickey. The girl was so small that at one point she was stepping on Mickeys shoes to keep up. A crowd gathered around to “oooooh” and “awwwww” the adorable sight.

Halfway through the dance our Cinderella had a slipper slip, and one shoe fell off. I can tell that she was wearing a size too big “glass” slippers.  True to character, Prince-ahem Cowboy Mickey, bent down on one knee and fitted the petite princess her shoe. The crowd was cheering for her and they continued their dance.    Now who says Chivalry is dead?  This is why I love Disneyland.


The Childrens Pool Seals at La Jolla


Happy Smiling Young Female Seal


Seal Pup at La Jolla Children’s Pool

I did a short trek/walk today at La Jolla Kayak Shores close to the Children’s pool when I was lucky enough to get close with some of the seals basking in the afternoon sun.  Took me 10 mins to get some good shots and I didn’t wan’t to get to close as these are protected marine animals and are quite the territorial one. One was very camera friendly and seemed to pose for a few shots for me.


Shot was taken with a Nikon D3100

“It Takes A Man and A Woman”

Poster for It Takes A Man and A Woman

As a Filipino living here in the US, there are a few creature comforts that I miss from home.  The warm weather, the Filipino street food, a good Inihaw, company of family and friends. As far a Filipino films go, I’m very finicky as some of them sorry to say, tend to be corny for my taste (sorry if I offend the Filipino public).  But Star Cinema for me cuts the cake ever since they released back in 2008 A Very Special Love starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.  The film became a box office hit not only in the Philippines but also to fans worldwide. Select US cinema’s were very generous to screen their films on a given weekend.

The story of Laida Magtalas ( Sarah Geronimo) and of Miggy Montenegro ( John Lloyd Cruz) has tickled the hearts of many fans, creating successful venture in film romance that created a sequel ” You Changed My Life” in 2009. Many clamored for a 3rd installment of the storyline of the Editorial Assistant turned girlfriend of the once hard hearted, overly ambitious  and wealthy Miggy Montenegro. However Sarah had many commitments at that time (with tours, concerts and a variety show) and felt that the story came to a closure after the 2nd film. Fast forward to 2013, Star Cinema and Viva Films due to huge fan request decided to create the final book for this love story. Continue reading

My First WonderCon

WonderCon 2013 at the Anehiem Convention Center March 29-31

Happy Post Easter Weekend and a Happy April Fools to all.

While some of my friends have been busy doing Easter Egg hunt at parks or relatives homes, I decided to spend my holiday weekend at in Anaheim, CA staying at the marvelous DoubleTree Anaheim Suites just across from Disneyland. I was given a complimentary pass by a friend to WonderCon which was being held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Continue reading