Why you should secure your Balikbayan Box – A personal story


Damaged Balikbayan box and a TSA inspection note

In a years time I think I post a total of 2 articles per year in regards to Balikbayan Box and packaging.
I know it seems redundant but my reason for this is due the ever changing trends and price increase when it comes to sending balikbayan boxes home.
Todays post is a great example on why I always emphasize on making sure you secure your box and its contents properly based on my recent Philippine trip experience. Continue reading


Being Identity Hacked

Being a victim of Identity Theft

In my lifetime I believe I have been only seriously stolen a handful of times

First was when I was 19, my Dad did business with a “family friend” who ran off with our car and life savings. Make matters worse, said criminal friend created a fake id using my name but with a different picture. Philippine NBI did very little to help our cause. We never recovered our car or life savings. Continue reading

Spill Proofing and Sending Irregular Size Balikbayan Boxes

Balikbayan Boxes from Alas Cargo

Balikbayan Boxes from Alas Cargo

With all the news  bruhaha lately regarding the Philippine Bureau of Customs in regards to “random” inspections, confiscations and ridiculous taxing of OFW care packages/ Balikbayan boxes,  it’s no surprise that people are worried about how they can make sure their current or future Balikbayan Boxes will arrive safe to their intended recipients.  Above that there are new changes on the duration how long before a box will ship to the Philippines. Continue reading

Balikbayan Pasalubong Gift Ideas from The Container Store

Gifting my friends and family can be a dubious challenge especially if they are picky or if you only have a set budget that you need to work on.  Then there’s the issue of the weight and size a gift can fit in your luggage or balikbayan box that you send home.

While trying to be creative on what to send back to the Philippines via the Balikbayan box my friend took me to The Container Store in Fashion valley, San Diego. There I found a ton of great gifting ideas that are unique, thoughtful, practical and wont hurt your budget.

In addition I created a Video Blog of my finds and you can view it here

Compartment organizers

Thes clear compartment organizers are a great give for people that are well organized. Perfect to store charging cables and small jewelry.
If you or your friends are into crafting like beads, this is a way to neatly store supplies.

Compartment Boxes

Compartment Boxes

Flip Out Bins
Bigger pull down organizers are great for the workshop to store bolts or nail, or use them in the kitchen to keep away spices or sachet mixes.


Mobile Flip Out Boxes from The Container Store Perfect for your workshop or kitchen

Mason Jars

There is a huge demand and trend for Mason jars. Can be used as a mug, some use them for baking. A pen holder, coin drop, the uses are endless…or use them for their original purpose, creating yummy jams 🙂

Glass Mason Jars from The Container Store

Glass Mason Jars from The Container Store

The Container Store is also a great place to find essential gear for your travel. Like a handheld weight for your luggage, luggage organizers, and more.

I hove more gifting ideas to come so stay tuned 🙂

Booking.Com & Agoda with your Philippine Travel

Last month I blogged about booking an affordable stay via AirBnB.

Today I am making a quick post on booking affordable hotel and rentals via Agoda and Booking.com

I noticed not all beautiful rentals are listed on AirBnB. Being AirBnB is still new to the Philippine rental vacation markets, other properties have advertised their listings with these online travel & booking agencies.

I will start with Booking.Com.   Here in the US Booking.Com’s slogan is ” Booking. YEAH!” Marking that exhilaration of finding that right vacation spot for you with all the perks that you have dreamed of. Continue reading

AirBnB In Makati, Philippines. Your Urban Getaway

As promised many months ago, I wanted to give you guys an update on one of my super luxurious and super affordable accommodations in Makati, Philippines during my 2014 vacation.  Aside from staying in a hotel by Resorts World, I … Continue reading