New Balikbayan Box Rates as of 2015-2016

A balikbayan box container from Alas Cargo

This is just a quick update.

I’m scheduled to travel again to the Philippines in a few weeks so my time is more or less juggling work and prepping up for my trip.  Which is great since I needed to take more video shots of the hotels I previously stayed last November being that my previous shots were unusable.


Normally I would get more than 5 months notice before I travel back home so I have time to send out a Balikbayan Box to our house in Manila. And on each time I always post an article on “How to Pack” and “Balikbayan Box Rates“.  I also add a disclaimer to check with your local Balikbayan Box shippers to check any changes in rates and unfortunately as of November 2015 sea cargo rates for Southern California has gone up due to changes in Philippines Custom Clearance.

Here is a quick overview on the rate increases for several cargo box forwarders.  Note that these are mostly rates coming from Southern California, specifically in the San Diego area.  Rates for Chicago and East coast regions will be significantly higher so  check local listings or your Philippine newspapers for ads and coupons



Rates for pick up and drop off are the same. For this regular box size of 23x20x17  Manila is $67  and Visayas is $77


LBC  Rates
Manila $67
Visayas $77


LBC did relaunched a VIP express Balibayan Box delivery. This would most likely be air cargo for a 50 lbs box to most cities and provinces for $150-170


LBC Balikbayan Box Premium Service

ALAS  Cargo

This is my go to Balikbayan Box service which I have featured heavily on my previous posts.  I use them primarily because they have a Tipid Box- perfectly sized when I am not sending too much to the Philippines. Their rates so far are the most competitive of all the rest mentioned in this post.  Still sad that the rates went up. Two years ago I was still able to send a Tipid box under $28.00


Now Alas Cargo charges Manila deliveries $35 for a Tipid box of 20x17x20  and $50  for the regular box of 23x17x20  (huge jump from their old rate of $42-$45)


Alas Cargo Store Drop Off Tipid 20x17x10 Regular  23x17x20 Jumbo 24x18x24
Manila $35 $50 $65
Luzon $40 $55 $70
Visayas Not Available $60 $75
Mindanao Not Available $65 $80
Home Pick Up Tipid 20x17x10 Regular  23x17x20 Jumbo 24x18x24
Manila $50 $65 $80
Luzon $55 $70 $85
Visayas Not Available $75 $90
Mindanao Not Available $80 $95

New Alas


Atlas Cargo 

Next to LBC this is the most popular Balikbayan Box Courier that I see around San Diego and even as far as Los Angeles. During my trips back home I noticed a lot of OFW’s using Atlas Boxes as luggage due to its size & weigh convenience.

Atlas Cargo takes about 40-45 days shipping & processing to deliver to Manila and nearby Luzon areas (Cavite, Tagaytay, Laguna)  They do have one perk,  they have sometimes a promo along  when sending a Macho Box  you get to ship free one Junior sized box.

Below are a list of their rates

Atlas New Rate

Store Drop Off Budget 20x17x10 Regular  23x17x20 Macho  24x18x24
Manila $40 $57 $67
Visayas $55 $82 $97
Home Pick Up Budget 20x17x10 Regular  23x17x20 Macho  24x18x24
Manila   $67 $82
Visayas   $80 $97


Atlas Cargo Website  and


There are other San Diego and Southern California based Balikbayan Box shippers in our area however I did not have the time to grab ship rates. Below are their contact info


Sun Cargo   (Near Jolibee)

1457 E Plaza Blvd  National City, CA 91950

(619) 474-8091


Manila Forwarders

–  This company has many locations worldwide and can do odd shaped box shipment

1400 E. Plaza Blvd Ste C, National City CA 91950




See you guys on the next post


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