IM Onsen Spa Makati: A Review & Experience

Its been MONTHS Since I last posted. IRL Life caught up real fast with me so today Ill keep this brief but detailed. Last June I traveled for 2 weeks to Manila for an emergency trip to see family. In … Continue reading

First Fashion Review: Ebay Korean Style Top


Website look vs. actual for Korean Style Top from Ebay

I’ve always envied those Korean style and Japanese style tops and dresses that I would see from sites like Ebay, SheIn, Aliexpress and many more wholesale priced fashion sites from China.

I was hesitant to buy anything because China made fashion products are known to be at least 2 sizes smalled than thier US and UK counterparts.
Here in the US I would normally be an XL or size 14 (Old Navy and Target sizes). I’m little bit on the chubby/muffy size with a 41 inch or rather B Cup chest which makes finding a top for myself rather akward, moreso if its one of those Asian style fashions. I was also worried about the horror stories I  read and see in blog and youtube shopping haul sites where what they bought is not the same quality as what they saw online.

However with the cheap prices, free shipping and a promise of a plus size selections, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a cute heart printed top. Here is my review along with a Youtube video version. Continue reading

Zumba Zumba!

It has been close to three weeks since my last post. Real life caught up with me big time right after Comic Con.  During Comic Con our company pretty much puts its focus onto the week long convention then plays catch up the Monday after on any work left behind.

In addition to that, I have gained a considerable amount of weight the past 3-4 years. I used to be and was always had a slender frame till I moved to San Diego. My long worked hours made me lazy to eat healthy and I always opted for the easy fast food choice. Back in my younger days, I was one of those people who ate a lot but barely gained weight and brushed it off as having a fast metabolism.  Once I hit my mid 20’s that all changed.   I’m now around 25-30 lbs overweight.

The good news for me is  a Zumba studio just opened up about a stones throw away from my house.  Classes are $5.00 per each 1 hour session and I believe $30.00 of 1 month.  I started Zumba 2 weeks ago.  And these are some pointers I learned as a cold beginner of this fitness crave. Continue reading

Rice Mask from Skin Food Review

Rice Mask sample from Skin Food

Lazy weekend nights are perfect to do some body pampering. For weeks I’ve been waiting for the right timing to try out my Rice Mask from Skin Food.

Skin Food is a Korean cosmetics and beauty care company,  which has become increasingly popular in South East Asia. They recently opened 7 US stores the nearest in my area being in the Irvine Spectrum mall. Continue reading