Rice Mask from Skin Food Review

Rice Mask sample from Skin Food

Lazy weekend nights are perfect to do some body pampering. For weeks I’ve been waiting for the right timing to try out my Rice Mask from Skin Food.

Skin Food is a Korean cosmetics and beauty care company,  which has become increasingly popular in South East Asia. They recently opened 7 US stores the nearest in my area being in the Irvine Spectrum mall.

Skin Food products as depicted in their website

“Food that is good for your heath, is also good for your skin” – emphasizes the importance of feeding one’s skin with the same food that we rely on to keep our bodies healthy serves as nourishment to your skin.

The company has a vast selection of beauty care products such as toners, scrubs, cleansers and body care.  I was fortunate to be given a free sample of their Rice Facial Mask – a wash off mask that promises to soften and brighten the tone of your skin.

Instructions were to apply this after cleansing your face and apply to dry skin. Rubbing around the areas around the side of the nose and forehead for gentle exfoliation and to avoid close contact with the eyes. I sis this as a prep before I showered as I was also applying some body scrub. I like this mask than other masks I use are leave on ones that you need to wait to cake on your face.  The texture of the product was light and it contained rice granules that weren’t harsh on the skin

I let it sit for a good 3 minutes (no other instruction on wait time was given) and hopped into the shower  to rinse, which came off pretty easily (a plus).  Feeling my skin now, it does give you that velvety smooth feel and has a bit of bounce to it. No oily or creamy residue which is perfect for my skin type that is prone to pimples.

For those interested in learning more about Skin Food products, go to http://eng.theskinfood.com/   Some US flagship stores are willing to take orders over the phone and have them shipped to your location.

I will definitely buy more from them and will post another review once I get some new samples.


2 thoughts on “Rice Mask from Skin Food Review

  1. I love Skin Food<3 I wish they had stores near me 😦 Ahh I want to try this one now! Haha I have a golden kiwi mask from them that was amazing and so refreshing. Glad you liked the sample! Try the golden kiwi if you get a chance! 😀

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