The TESLA Model S Car Experience

The 2012 Tesla Model S

What do you think when you hear of the name Tesla? For those remembering 5-6th grade Science, Nikolai Tesla was an Electrical Engineer, Physicist and inventor-rival of sorts to Thomas Edison during the  late 1800’s to 1900’s. He was known for the invention and patenting of the AC electrical supply system and for every science fiction junkie, seemed to be the model for ever mad scientist out there due to his futuristic like inventions and experiments with electricity.  For short he made science really cool.  Fast forward close to 100 years later, engineers and innovators of our day is using that same concept in harnessing the power of electricity in the invention of Hybrid and full electrical vehicles.  This is my first review of a car model so please bear with me on this article.

On a Friday night at the UTC Westfield Mall in San Diego, my friend and I were contemplating on a place to eat when we noticed a car inside one of the new store boutiques.  Located near the Mac store and Gamestop and surrounded by your everyday women’s clothing stores.  The name on the showroom was called TESLA.  A white car model  that looks like a cross between an Mazda6 sports Sedan and a BMW concept car.  Upon closer inspection of the front hood, I noticed there was no motor. Infact there was no nothing. The front hood was lined with felt as if it was the trunk of your car.  I check the backside if the trunk was behind and none either. The car had 2 trunk compartments.

Looking around at the showroom was another model of the car. This time the skeletal frame. The motor that look like a generator battery is located underneath the front hood of the vehicle.

A nice gentleman approached me and asked me if I have any questions, he assured me that he was not doing any sales as today was the first day the showroom opened.  They were doing various openings in different cities around California to introduce the Tesla Motors new car  2012 Model S, a fully electric car.  He gave me a grand tour of the vehicle and I was inlove with the giant LED dashboard  screen, the powerfull and comfy feel of that sports car seat and the door handles that pop’s out by touch- a way to control the car’s aerodynamic design.

To summarize some of the questions that I asked about

  1. The car model sells in different battery power 40 kWh -100-160 miles per charge, 60 kWh 230 miles per charge and 85 kWh 300 miles per charge
  2. Car design and concept was created by a former Mazda sportscar designer who was given a free reign of how he envisioned this clean energy car to not only be environmentally friendly but also sexy and can take speed.  So freeway driving is NOT an issue J
  3. Costs around  $47,000 for the 40 kWh model with a $5,000 reservation fee for them to have it custom built for you
  4. Purchasing their fully electric car has incentives such as a pass sticker that will allow you to drive on the carpool lane, and up to $7000 Federal tax credit
  5. Full charge takes about to 3 hours and cost your electrical bill about $8-10.00.  Also every time you break, that friction causes the car to recharge.  Certain charging stations will charge discounted to free charging rates
  6. As a Tesla owner you will be given a membership of sorts to be able to charge at their Tesla supercharges for half the charging time, as well as discounted to free maintenance service checks.
  7. The S Model has a digital LED dashboard and side screen that controls,  windows, AC, sun roof, google maps, hand free calls, radio and a wide screen view of the back camera.
  8. The car is equipped with front, side and knee airbags
  9. If you do plan to purchase the 2012 Tesla Model S, there are several customization options such as LED Foglights, Turn by turn navigation and Active air road suspension. The one I would be most interested in is the Paint Armor that shield your car from stone chips, bug damage and other abrasive erosions we drivers normally encounter during commute.
  10. Keyless ignition J

For more information about showroom locations  and their other car models such as the Roadster and Model X  visit


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