The Delectable Eggstraordinary Brunch- A Williams Sonoma Cooking Experience

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah  at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

Eggstra-ordinary Brunch Class by Williams Sonoma very own Deborah at the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall

It was a cool Sunday Morning that me and my housemate Emy parked at the still empty lot just outside JC Penny.  Our target was a 10:00 AM appointment at Williams Sonoma in Fashion Valley, San Diego.  Just 2 weeks ago, I signed up for one of their monthly culinary activities and today’s topic was creating the perfect poached eggs for brunch.

Deborah, the guest chef and lecturer gave us a warm smile as she  welcomed us into the store.  Me and Emy were first timers and the youngest ones in the group who often frequented the free cooking demonstrations that Williams Sonoma Offer.

Deborah explained that they were having technical difficulties as of the moment with their stove. She had a portable butane burner and a large basin of warming water right next to her heating to 174 degrees. She explained that she will be teaching us how to make poached eggs in 2 ways.

She started to explain about choosing the right eggs, how to properly store them in your refrigerator. All the while trying to get her burner to work. The butane burner had other plans for us and gave us a flash of flames every time she turned it on. She decided to switch to an induction burner.  All the while her helpers served us freshly squeezed orange juice and Belgian waffles made at the store. Very delectable.

Poaching Eggs in hot water basin

Poaching Eggs in hot water basin for 60- 80 minutes under 174 degrees

She placed around 10-14 eggs (under room temperature) in the hot water basin under 174 degrees. Explaining that if you are to let them sit in the water for over an hour to get that poached consistency. perfect if you are serving for a big group.  Once done she says you can transfer then to a basin of cold water to sit and then to warm water when you are close to serving.

Deborah then boiled water on a sauté pan through the induction burner which took less than 3 mins to boil. After which she placed it into low heat to simmer.

She added about a quarter cup of distilled vinegar to set the eggs.   She cracked one egg open and placed it into a small glass bowl. Deborah explained it will be less messy to drop the eggs into the water using the small bowl rather from the eggshell itself.

Gently she dipped-dropped the egg into the simmering water and we watched with ohhs and ahhs as the whites quickly solidified into its pasty white texture. With a spoon she basted some of the withes on top of the yellow. After 2-3 minutes, she scoped them up with a slotted spoon and set them on a plate (flipping the egg gently first to expose a smoother surface)  with a napkin to absorb the water.

Poaching eggs in a saute pan

Poaching eggs in a saute pan

Her helpers then started to prepare some focaccia bread while Deborah sliced the eggs to reveal the jelly and slightly gooey yellow of the egg.

The eggs were spiced with some  pepper salt and Harissa spice and then placed on top of the bread.

Since we still had time to kill before we test out the poached eggs still sitting through the hot basin, we went around the store to shop and get ourselves some hot chocolate.  We were lucky since being participants of the class entitles us to an automatic 10% discount of any store purchase for that day.

After an hour, Deborah tested the eggs, however the yolk still was not ready and asked us kindly if we had time to return in another 15-20 mins, which we did. She explained that this stile of poaching does have some trial and error into it and its good to test the results of your egg before serving.

Poached Eggs on top of focaccia bread, spiced with pepper, salt and harissa spice.

Her second try was to me close to the perfection I wanted. As I like my poached egg yolk a little more runny than gooey. She taught us not to crack the egg on a sharp surface like the corner of a bowl or knife, but rather on a blunt surface like the table, so not to break the egg white sac and have the yolk spilling over.

The egg came out in a perfect gelatin like drop on our bread and it was sooooo good.

I can’t wait to definitely try out the lessons we learned in a few weekends at my home. I still need to buy the distilled vinegar.  Kudos to the Fashion Valley Williams Sonoma Team for their Eggcelent Culinary classes.  for more information about demonstrations visit their store inside the Fashion Valley Mall or visit


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