Pinoy Food Focus: Goldilocks

Goldilocks Rice Medley

Goldilocks Rice Medley : Mix of Garlic Fried Rice, Lechon Kawali, Tomatoes, Fried Eggs and minced mangoes

Goldilocks Bakery has become a staple name for Filipino desserts and bring home goodies. Got a birthday for your kid? Goldilocks.  Craving for some polvoron? Goldilocks.

The sucess of Golidilocks Bakery has expanded to not only cater to baked goods but open its doors to affordable dinning and open flagship stores in the US. My favorite nd the biggest in my county being in National City CA.

Today my friend treated me out for a good ol Filipino dinner. The plates cost about $8.00-15$ each and can search 2 people.  He ordered for himself some Pork Sparerib Sinigang. I ordered a Pampano Escabeche also  known as Seet and Sour Fish.   Then he ordered a Goldilocks Rice medley.  There are two versions of the medley. This one is your Filipino Adobo Galic rice, with chpped lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), minced mangoes and tomatoes. And The plate is only $9.00 good for 3 people. Its a meal itself.    So if ur up for some good ol Filipino Cookin, drop by a Goldilocks Bakery and Restaurant and enjoy a good eat.

Pampano Escabeche

Whole Pompano fish, fried, glazed with sweet and sour sauce. Complimented with bell peppers and onions.


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