San Pablo’s Sulyap café and Bed & Breakfast

This is a long, long overdue post. Again hooray for IRL life getting in the way. And also a faulty old laptop that is still serving me in many ways.

Last 2016 I took a short trip back to the Philippines and spent a majority of those days in my home province of San Pablo Laguna.

Man, I LOVE Laguna. It is one of the biggest provinces in Luzon, has a vast eco tourism market from hot springs, private resorts, hiking trails, waterfalls, and not to mention the food.

San Pablo Laguna is about an hours drive away from Manila. I always loved featuring San Pablo in my travel posts because there are just so much to share about this beautiful city. I wanted to find a hidden gem similar like to the time I found Bato Springs.  Also since we had a huge family reunion at my ancestral home, the lot of us would not fit in the Bukids small 3 bedroom shack (there’s about 15 of us).

I wanted to take my younger nieces away with me while the boys play. A quick google search brought my attention to Sulyap Café & bed and breakfast located in Barangay Del Remedio, just within the Cocoland Compound.  Taking the local tricycle or jeepney commute is just about 10-15 minutes or less from the city proper. Continue reading


Staycation at Azumi Hotel, Alabang

Azumi Hotel

Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, Muntinglupa Philippines

I am officially the Queen of Procrastination. Even with my own personal blog (and list of articles I needed to write) I have been lazying around the house, often tired from work to kick myself to write about my travelogue from the Philippines.

Today (hopefully) I end that streak.

Last year I made several articles on how Philippine travelers can book affordable and luxurious hotel stays in Manila via Agoda and AirBnB.  This year I decided to make several reservations on a few hotels, booking them via Agoda or directly to their website.  On this article I will be featuring Azumi Boutique Hotel located in Alabang, Muntinglupa.  Agoda gave me a really good deal to be able to book my stay at $55.00/night + tax (roughly around $62/night)  plus I paid only $6-8  for my room service.   There is a quick video tour of my standard room in Azumi. Continue reading

Booking.Com & Agoda with your Philippine Travel

Last month I blogged about booking an affordable stay via AirBnB.

Today I am making a quick post on booking affordable hotel and rentals via Agoda and

I noticed not all beautiful rentals are listed on AirBnB. Being AirBnB is still new to the Philippine rental vacation markets, other properties have advertised their listings with these online travel & booking agencies.

I will start with Booking.Com.   Here in the US Booking.Com’s slogan is ” Booking. YEAH!” Marking that exhilaration of finding that right vacation spot for you with all the perks that you have dreamed of. Continue reading

Your Guide to Philippine Travel Spending and Budget Deals

Greetings after a LONG hiatus. After my trip from Japan and the Philippines back in September, I had to do a lot of catching up and took some time off from  MsCircumstance to get myself back on track. I did promise some updates and a budget guide upon return from my trip with more accurate spending data. Before I flew out, I set a few contingency plans to ease my spending in the Philippines and Japan. I only stayed 2 days in Tokyo and 20 days in the Philippines (during the height of Typhoon season) and allotted only $900  cash  $400 of which is reserved to buy my father a new TV. Money Envelopes I set up a secret savings plan 8-7 months before my trip. I had some envelopes where every week I would put spare change plus an additional $3-5.00 each week, allocating to expenses I felt would affect my budget. See, while most people save up for Hotel, Food, Shopping Money – they forget the other smaller cost that take a significant bite off your budget.  Such as cellphone & internet prepaid card credits, commute/taxi money and maybe some tips or gift money to relatives and businesses.  I wanted to go to several Wellness Centers to fix my stiff back so I allocated a money envelope solely for that purpose. I was aware of the horrible traffic situation in Manila, so I had money to purchase a Skyway pass -similar to the US version of the FasTrak system. Overall, all that spare change & lots of self control, allowed me to have an additional $120 spending cash for the little stuff. There are several things that you do need you gear yourself for when traveling to Manila and unfortunately some are big cons. But with smart planning it should keep your stay hassle free. Continue reading