Using Coin Lockers in Narita Airport-Japan

Todays Japan Guide is about the Coin Locker use in Narita Airport.

I’m focusing on the coin lockers located in Terminal 2- 3rd floor Departure Lobby. This is the area where you check in for your flight & baggage check.  All of Narita airport terminals have a Coin Locker and Baggage  storage kiosk for use.

The coin lockers are perfect if you have some time to kill before your flight to tour the shopping center of the airport or do last minute tours or shopping in the areas around Narita like AEON Mall, Naritasan Temple, & the outlet malls. This way you don’t need to lug your heavy suitcases and just bring along with you your essentials like a handy purse or backpack, passport and wallet. Continue reading


Airport Layover Review: 9Hours Capsule Hotel Narita – Japan & 7-Eleven NRT

capsule hotel narita

On October- November 2018 I did a trip to the Philippines with each leg allowing me an overnight stay in Narita, Japan. This allowed me to do a bit of Vlogging on nearby accommodations for travelers who are in the same predicament as I was.  This article will cover my stay in the capsule hotel inside Narita Airport Terminal 2 called 9Hours Narita. And yes they provide FREE WIFI.

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A Guide to Japan’s Friendly Limousine Bus Narita to Haneda Transfer

I’ve been waiting for forever to do this guide for the Limousine Bus Shuttles at Narita and Haneda airport. The only way for me to do this was to literally fly into Japan, an expensive feat.

Luckily I had a recent trip to Manila this March and my All Nippon Airways route gave me an option to do a long layover in Tokyo and do a airport transfer from Narita to Haneda.  Grabbed the opportunity to document step by step my first time use of the Friendly Airport Limousine shuttle from Narita Airport to Haneda. Continue reading

Layover Diaries: Narita Airport and Daybeds

Flying to Narita Airport via Delta Airlines back in July 2016. I had a longer layover in Narita after our flight from Seattle was delayed. I was able to enjoy my time walking around the Narita airport gates and its various Duty Free shops while waiting for my flight.

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Book Off San Diego- Buy, Sell and Trade books and electronics

Book Off Used Book Store located in Kearny Mesa Rd. San Diego, CA

I love manga and Anime. I also love to read various books like Harry Potter, the original Grim Fairly tales, Secret Garden and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I am also hilariously broke at the same time my home can be cluttered with old but gently used books, dvds and games that I no longer need.
Great thing there is Book Off. A buy sell and trade store located in Kearny Mesa ROad in San Diego where you can bring all your used books, old but still working electronics to exchange for cash. They also sell DVD’s, video games both old and news as well as electronic devices like iPads, Playstation, Nintendo 3Ds and XBox consoles.

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Baked Kit-Kats from Japan – My first try at baking

Japanese KitKat

Japanese KitKat – For Baking 🙂

I’ve been procrastinating on chowing down on these Kitkats gifted to me a couple months ago from japan. One, being I was anxious to eat something out of my comfort zone and I have NOOOOO idea what any of the instructions said. On a lazy Sunday evening, I decided to give it a try.   🙂 Continue reading