Ebay Review: Military Tactical Backpack 30L

This whole month of December, I found myself heavily dependent on Ebay when it comes to shopping for  my holiday decorations and gifts.
I recently did a review of a printed heart shirt I bought from Ebay which was imported from China.

Today I am doing a review of a Military Tactical Backpack or Rucksack shipping from New Jersey which I bought from Ebay. The bag is made in China.
I plan to use this item as part of our White Elephant Gift exchange party happening on Dec 21st at work.
I have a few guys at my team that are into camping and thought this would be a great gift idea they would try and steal from each other. So lets start with the review.
Originally, I planned to buy a backpack between the $15-20.00 budget we have in Walmart, as there were a few good ones there. Especially for hiking and camping.
However my local Walmart did not sell a Military style tote or backpack and decided to try my luck again on Ebay.


Other than the design and color options, what caught my eye with this bag is the price ($11.99) around $14.50-15.00 with shipping, speed of the delivery and and it was shipping locally within the US.
The backpack is described as a Hot Outdoor Neutral Adjustable Military Tactic Backpack Rucksacks for Hiking
Material is Oxford cloth with a 30L capacity
Dimensions: (9.45 x 8.66 x 16.53)” / (24 x 22 x 42)cm
I placed the order in the afternoon of Dec 2nd. It arrived via Fedex on Dec 9th. Shipping was pretty fast and I had a FedEx tracking number so that is a huge plus.

The backpack was encased in clear plastic, however upon opening I noticed it did not have any tags or do I see any brand name listed anywhere on or inside the bag.

The backpack came in flat, to be honest I was hoping it would be bigger. I have a side by side comparison of it with my 15′ Toshiba laptop and I can tell my laptop would not fit.
For that I should have gotten the 35L or 55L sizes. This would however fit possibly a smaller laptop and an iPad tablet


Military Trekking Ruscak from Ebay 30L Capacity

If I were to use this bag this could probably fit the following for me: 1-2 notebooks, 1 none bulky book, 1 pad, cellphone, keys, wallet, cables and charging device
The backpack looks exactly like the photo although a bit smaller
The material is waterproof and seems sturdy
Lots of front pocket space.
The size is indeed more built for hiking or trekking
Good organizational space from the inside. Even a slot for your mobile phone


Inside view of backpack and its compartments

The bag is smaller than what I expected to be. Cannot fit a 15” laptop
There is no side pocket to put water bottle
Seems to be a tight fit if I were to use this for camping. Will take up a lot of space if I put shoes + jeans in it.
Final Thoughts:

This is really not a bad backpack, in fact I own another 30L rusack the only difference is that mine has compartments on the side for water bottles and that it was built for camara/photography storage.
However you can always buy those clip on backpack accessories to hold canisters and bottled water to attach to the bag.

The bag is more of a small to medium size. I don’t know if this is something one can use in school to fit books and suck, but this would be perfect for someone who does pack light.
This is more suitable use as work bag to carry your casual basic stuff.
The bag is indeed more suited for trekking as it is light and non bulky, perfect for short hikes.

Would I buy this again?  Actually I am considering getting another one but this time Ill pay close attention to the capacity and will opt for something that is 35L-55L so that it would fit my laptop and other items, as I am a person who travels with a LOT of gear

I do know this will be quite a popular bag especially for my biker co-workers so this is a great gift idea.
Till the next post


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