Layover Diaries: Narita Airport and Daybeds

Flying to Narita Airport via Delta Airlines back in July 2016. I had a longer layover in Narita after our flight from Seattle was delayed. I was able to enjoy my time walking around the Narita airport gates and its various Duty Free shops while waiting for my flight.

Narita Airport Duty Free Shops

Narita Airport Duty Free Shops

The best part of my stay was the use of the Day and Shower rooms for around $11-15.00. I stayed in the Day room for $15.00 that included a bed enough for me to catch a quick 1 hour nap. This by far is my favorite airport especially for layovers due to the clean and affordable accommodations inside the airport. Plus Japanese KitKats and Totoro. Cant go wrong with that. The staff are friendly and most direction and instructions have English translations.

Since my flight after Japan connects to the Philippines we had a few of the Delta gate crew who were trillingual Filipino, Japanese & English that guided me where I need to be.

They have additional daybeds and podhotels if you exit or after you finish processing your immigration papers. The ones outside the gate will allow you longer stays and overnight. However these ones by the gate boarding area near Gate 22 can be only used for a limited time.

Narita Airport Day Room Beds

Narita Airport $15.00 day room beds

If you just need a quick shower, just purchase the 30 minute shower pass, you are taken to a private shower room where you can quickly change and freshen up especially after a long flight. Which for $11.00 is pretty much a steal.

Shower narita rates
A great perk in doing a layover in an international hub airport like Narita or Haneda, is that I can shop as much duty free items I can afford and upon boarding the plane, they have a designated storage area to store the Duty Free purchases. This helps because I need not worry paying extra fines with overweight carry ons. In fact the most requested gift I am always asked by my friends to get in Japan are the Wasabi and Matcha Green Tea KitKats.
As a note in one of the shots you may notice some Christmas lights. I actually used stock footage I had of Narita during an earlier November flight to showcase the assorted variety of Japanese KitKats.  I also wanted to add that the various duty free shops were not shy in doing free samples of their sake. I drank at least 3 sample shots and had to pace myself before I boarded because Im such a lightweight. And if I had the money I would have bought all of them.IMG_9597

Do try the McDonalds in food lounges. Last time I was there I tried the Katsudon burger, mmmmm soo good.

Hopefully one of these days I can venture out outside past the immigration area where Narita airport has a mini mall including shops like Uniqlo.  This is actually a plan for a future japan travel hopefully sometime between 2017-2018


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