One Year of Circumstances

There’s a saying back in my country. ” Iiyak mo na ang dapat mong iiyak. Iluha mo na ang dapat mong iluha. Mahalin ang dapat mong mahalin. ”  Which literally translates to ” Cry what needs to cried. Shed a tear to what needs  to be shed a tear. Love what needs to be loved.” Continue reading


Bad Luck and Go Fund Me


This is my home its not much but to me its everything

This is my home its not much but to me its everything


I am starting to suspect that bad luck has a thing for me. Not too long ago, I posted about the time I was nearly homeless. I was able to catch some break over the years but there was always that fear when it comes to the home I live in. I live in this 2 bedroom house south of San Diego that is being rented out to me in the past 7-8 years by a distant relative.  The area was at one point dubbed a low income district but despite the positive changes over the decades and a lower crime rate the identity stuck. After my mother passed and my dad moved back to the Philippines to retire and grieve, I was left with a new debt which grew after the hospital bills and loss of employment of that ill-fated year. I found over the years 3 long term housemates/roommates that helped me with paying the lease of my home. Continue reading