Kokoro Restaurant – A new Omakase style restaurant in San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

Kokoro Restaurant In San Diego

For those who are familiar with Weller Court in the Little Tokyo District in Los Angeles, there was once a restaurant there called Kappo Ishito that served  wonderful authentic Japanese sushi by their head chef Akio Ishito. The restaurant got many rave reviews but unfortunately their door closed in 2010 since the owners moved to San Diego.

Now Mr. Akio Ishito is back with a new restaurant in San Diego called Kokoro Restaurant.   Kokoro in Japanese means “Heart” or “from the Heart” which embodies the dedication and love that Mr. Akio puts into his work. He chooses the freshest of ingredients which he proudly displays onto the front bar of his restaurant.   His menu has a specialty for Jidori Chicken recipes. Jidori meals are made from free range chickens which ecompasses Mr. Akio’s theme of freshly made, high quality dishes.

Chef Akio Ishito

Chef Akio Ishito and his creations, Tako Sushi and Jidori Chicken

Kokoro Restaurant just opened their doors this May 2014 and also offer Omakase service if you reserve 2 days early.

Well who am I to keep telling the story about Kokoro.  If you are a serious Sushi connoisseur that really appreciates authentic Japanese style cusine, you need to visit Kokoro and try it out for yourself.

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

Panna Cotta dessert, Beef yakitori and fresh Sashimi selections

One more plus I will give, Kokoro in my book is one of the few Japanese restaurants I know that serves desserts other than green tea ice cream. They have a selection of Panna Cotta,  Goma Pudding (sesame pudding), and red bean soup.  The Panna Cotta I LOOOVEEE -really velvety.


For more info visit their website at http://www.kokoro-restaurant.net/




Korea Town Happyness!

Korea Town Food Choices

Cakes from The Cake House and Stir Fried Rice Cake yummm

It was my first time in Korea Town Los Angeles today. I’m keeping this post short because Im still on the road as I write.

Me and a friend decided on a whim to go to Korea Town in Los Angeles since we were by the area. It scared me at first going there since we seem to drove by a bad part of town (we took a wrong turn)

We ended up in City Center Mall at 6th Ave. where the Zion Marketplace is and headed to their food court since it was lunch time. First time I tried a South Korean Street Food called Stir Fried Rice Cake. It has a both of broth, carrots, fish cake and cabbage and it WAS AMAZING!  I’m posting now a barrage of photos from the place but its definitely worth a visit plu I may get a hair cut at the ETUDE Lounge salon at the 3rd floor.

DSC_0116 City Center Korea Town