Tokyo Travels: Haneda Airport Coin Lockers and Luggage Storage Guide


Do you have a long layover in Tokyo and have some spare time to do a tour of the nearby area? Perhaps you have a couple of hours to spare before checking in to your flight but don’t want the hassle of lugging your suitcases around.  If you are in the vicinity of either Narita or Haneda Airport, they have convenient coin locker storage, designated luggage delivery or storage stations with manned attendants that can help ease your baggage burdens. Here is my guide of the experience 🙂

During my recent March trip to the Philippines I had at least a 14 hour+ layover in Haneda International Airport, Tokyo which gave me time to explore the famed Edo Town and Anime Tokyo Pop of the airports visitor areas. I however was carrying with me 2 large suitcases and didn’t want to drag them around.  I was very glad of hearing about the locker and luggage storage kiosks in Haneda Airport, and did a lot of research about them prior to my trip.

Coin Locker Station Haneda Airport

Coin Locker station 3rd floor Haneda International Airport Visitor Area

For more information about luggage services and other amenities in Haneda airport please go visit   and another great resource is this guide from Japan Cheapo  and JNTO’s guide at

Note that Japan has a vast majority of places where you can store bags and luggage especially within the downtown area. However maximum duration, locker size, and user instructions may vary by location.

Haneda Airport has a popular visitor tourist spot especially at the 4th floor restaurants and shopping sections called Edo Town and Tokyo Pop, so leaving your luggage at these storage stations will ease you the hassle of dragging bulky bags and rather let you enjoy the sights and food inside Haneda, especially if you do not have a hotel room booked nearby to store your bags as you shop around or have several hours to spare before checking in to your flight. Maybe even leave the airport and take a train ride to downtown Tokyo if time permits to do a quick sight seeing tour.

Baggage Storage Station Haneda Airport

Baggage Storage Station Haneda International Airport

Inside Haneda International airport there are coin lockers and storage kiosks located at the 2nd and 3rd floor arrivals area (just before you check in for your flight).  I decided to use the 24 hour manned storage kiosk at the 2nd floor right next to the Shower Rooms to store my suitcase, since I wasn’t sure if my suitcase would have fit the coin lockers. Also, I ran out of coin yens before I found the Yen exchange machine.

Finding the coin lockers and the luggage storage areas should be easy since most directions at the airport are in English and there are several airport attendees that can assist you.  The only issue you may encounter is that the storage kiosk may be full capacity or there are no longer vacant lockers at the coin locker stations.


Daily rates by bag sizes for the manned storage kiosks

Let’s start with the 24 hour manned Luggage storage stations located in the 3rd and 2nd levels.  The 2nd level is closer to where the shower dayrooms are.  The one in the 3rd floor is located near the Royal Park Haneda Hotel entrance, just across the airline check in stations.  I came during rush hour on a Friday night and its was just my luck that the storage kiosks were at full capacity.  I was lucky enough to get consideration from the attendants at the 2nd floor kiosk to store my bags for about 8 hours, enough time for me  to use the shower rooms, nap, eat, shop and walk around Haneda visitor areas such as the restaurants in Edo Town.  I paid about around $10.00 or ¥1000 for my 2 check in bags. A large 29 inch rolling suitcase and a duffle.  I kept with me my backpack and purse.

Babbage Pickup Voucher

Baggage Pickup Voucher for Haneda Airport Luggage storage

You can pay with cash or card and I believe with mine I paid with card  since I may need my paper yens for food.   I was given a pick up voucher and off I went to do my thing.

I enjoyed myself exploring Haneda International Airport and would hope to do another chance to do a Vlog at daytime.

Coin Lockers

Coin Lockers

Coin Locker Stations in Haneda International Airport

It wasn’t till after I picked up my bags I stumbled upon by accident the coin lockers on the other end of the 2nd floor area. Just right across for the Luggage Delivery stations and near the BIC Camera store.  You pass them just before you enter the restrooms.

The 2nd floor coin locker station was the bigger of the two, the other one being at the 3rd floor by the elevators that will take you to Edo town and the restaurant areas, also at a hallway towards the restrooms.

Both stations are equipped with a convenient coin exchange machine that dispenses ¥100 yen coins. There where two locker sizes: ¥300 medium and ¥500 large lockers. Those are the rates per day and a maximum of 7 day storage.   I had with me my 29” rolling suitcase against the large locker and it seems it will fit, same with most foldable baby strollers.


Large suitcase comparison to large Y500 coin locker

However, if you have a bulkier piece of equipment like baby seats or golf bags/musical instruments, it would be better to store them at the manned storage kiosks instead.

I didn’t get the chance to test out the coin lockers myself but will do so on my next trip. Coin lockers in Japan vary in locking styles, older ones may give you a physical key or require a personal lock, others have a digital punch code or a slide in key card.  For those with a punch code, I suggest take a picture of your code and locker number and save it on your phone in case you forget.

I was really hoping to document storing luggage in Haneda during my long layover and I would say mission accomplished.  I was fortunate enough to document most of it via video and uploaded them as a guide in Youtube.  There are several coin locker videos in YT but not a lot featuring Haneda airport and actual use of the attendee manned ones.

Haneda Airport Edo Town

Haneda Airport Edo Town

Again till the next post!



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