A Guide to Japan’s Friendly Limousine Bus Narita to Haneda Transfer

I’ve been waiting for forever to do this guide for the Limousine Bus Shuttles at Narita and Haneda airport. The only way for me to do this was to literally fly into Japan, an expensive feat.

Luckily I had a recent trip to Manila this March and my All Nippon Airways route gave me an option to do a long layover in Tokyo and do a airport transfer from Narita to Haneda.  Grabbed the opportunity to document step by step my first time use of the Friendly Airport Limousine shuttle from Narita Airport to Haneda.

Before I start, if you wish to gather more information about using Japan’s Airport Limousine service during your stay or arrival in Tokyo, please visit their website at https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/  for timetables, rates, and dropoff & pickup locations.

Airport Limousine Bus

Airport Limousine Shuttle in Tokyo, Japan

The Limousine Bus have several bus stops to take you to certain destinations.  Routes vary by location and handy if you need direct access to downtown Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya & Ginza. They even have direct drop off & pick up in select hotels such as Hilton Tokyo, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Keio Plaza Hotel, Sunshine Prince Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland just to name a few.

I had a total of almost 16 hours layover in Japan. My flight arrived into Tokyo around 4:00 PM which gave me ample time to book my shuttle. Note that you cannot book your shuttle reservations online and must be bought at the ticket counter in the airport. Also their last route pick up is around 8:30 PM and the earliest is around 5:00 AM depending on which drop off area you are taking.  So plan accordingly especially if you arrive in either Haneda or Narita at night and better to book a hotel if you miss the shuttle’s last departure.

I arrived in Narita Airport via Terminal 1 Southwing, and after following transfer directions I went and headed towards passport and immigration control.   The next step will be baggage claim after which you go through customs check and you exit towards the Arrivals Lobby.IMG_9116.JPG

You cant miss seeing the Airport Limousine Bus Counter. The bright orange counter and logo is a dead giveaway. They also share counters with other shuttle services such as Keisei Bus Shuttle which takes you to Tokyo Station.   The arrivals lobby in Narita also offers mobile and wifi rental if you wish to use one during your stay in Tokyo.

Airport Limousine Ticket Counter in Narita

Airport Limousine Ticket Counter in Narita Aiprort Terminal 1 Southwing Arrival Lobby

Luckily I was on roaming and piggybacked on the airport WIFI to access my emails and other apps.  Other services station in the arrivals lobby include information kiosks, shower rooms, smoking rooms, currency exchange, luggage/coin lockers and luggage delivery service.

Line up to purchase a shuttle ticket. Inform the ticket agent the destination you want to choose, in my case a direct route to Haneda Airport.  The ticket agent will give you the next best available pickup time and will direct you to a bus stop which is immediately accessible as you exit the airport’s sliding doors.

My stop would be Bus Stop 12 which is the direct Narita to Haneda Airport route. The bus comes almost every 10 minutes.

Bus Stop To Haneda airport

Bus Stop 12 to Haneda Airport

I brought with me my 2 check in luggage (a 29 inch suitcase and a 26 inch duffel), my purse and a backpack carry on. You are given up to 2 bag tickets so the Bus Attendants can store your luggage at the bus storage. The attendants tag your bags and give you a pick up tag. Keep it so you can retrieve your luggage.

Japan Airport Limousine Bus

Narita  Airport Limousine Bus to Haneda International Airport Transfer

There are overhead storage areas inside the bus, sadly it cannot fit a rolling carry on, so best if you use a backpack instead which fits snugly on the overhead or set the bag infront of your seat.  If the bus is not crowded and you have a rolling carry-on that you did not checked in, you can put that on the empty seat beside you or on top of your lap. Otherwise, you can ask the attendant to have the rolling carryon stored in the storage compartment. I was able to take my backpack with me and store it underneath my seat and my purse on my lap.Limousine Bus Overhead

The travel time between Narita to Haneda is around 70-75 minutes.  There are three stops which will be for each Haneda Airport terminal.  My stop would be the International Terminal being the 3rd and last stop.  Each stop is announced in both Japanese and English.

The bus is clean and the seats are equipped with a  cup holder and information magazines. There is also a lavoratory or toilet located in the back for your convenience.Airport Shuttle Bus Seats

The drive itself was smooth. You pass by AEON Mall one of Narita Airport’s tourist destination for shopping.  Buts most of the drive takes you through a countryside view of Chiba Perfecture.  As you reach closer towards Haneda, you cross an overpass over  water and several high rise office buildings.

Haneda International Terminal is the last bus stop on this route. Haneda airport is fairly large almost the size of SFO airport. Once you arrive and hop off,  give your bag tickets to the attendant and they will unload your luggage. Luckily there are FREE luggage carts at the drop off point for easy access and transport as you traverse through Haneda Airport. In case you need to transfer between terminals in Haneda, there is a free airport terminal shuttle that can assist you.bus ticket fee

I will cover additional experiences about my stay in Haneda since I had an overnight layover in a separate post.  My favorite being the Luggage Storage options and Coin lockers so that I can enjoy EDO town and Anime Tokyopop areas in Haneda airport.

I hope this post has been informative for people considering using the Airport Limousine bus.  There are many other options you can use upon arriving in either Narita to explore the Tokyo and surrounding areas such as the JR Line (train) and other shuttle services. Hopefully I can cover and document those in future travels.


2 thoughts on “A Guide to Japan’s Friendly Limousine Bus Narita to Haneda Transfer

  1. Hi. Lucky to have read your experience. I’ll be transiting via Narita-Haneda myself on my way to JFK also with 14 hrs layover. I plan to just lounge in Haneda Airport but Sakura lounge is up to 2am only. Are there other airport areas were I can lounge while waiting for my flight
    around 10am

    Last bus departs at 8:30pm for Haneda? I will be arriving 7:55pm. That means either take the train or take the 5am bus the following day.

    • Noel I’m so sorry for the late reply. For the Limo Bus from Narita to Haneda is around 9pm. If your Haneda flight is at 10 am I think leaving Narita at the earliest Limo Bus is doable. If you are a member of the sky lounges you can either use it for free or with a payment. There is a transit hotel you can use if there is availability called the Royal Park accessible through the 2nd floor of the Haneda International airport. Its called a refresh lounge wich comes with a shower. Or stay at the Capsule Hotel in Terminal 2 called 9Hours

      If you are still in Narita, book one of the Transit Hotels nearby or stay at one of their lounges.

      I hope this helps.

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