Staycation at Azumi Hotel, Alabang

Azumi Hotel

Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, Muntinglupa Philippines

I am officially the Queen of Procrastination. Even with my own personal blog (and list of articles I needed to write) I have been lazying around the house, often tired from work to kick myself to write about my travelogue from the Philippines.

Today (hopefully) I end that streak.

Last year I made several articles on how Philippine travelers can book affordable and luxurious hotel stays in Manila via Agoda and AirBnB.  This year I decided to make several reservations on a few hotels, booking them via Agoda or directly to their website.  On this article I will be featuring Azumi Boutique Hotel located in Alabang, Muntinglupa.  Agoda gave me a really good deal to be able to book my stay at $55.00/night + tax (roughly around $62/night)  plus I paid only $6-8  for my room service.   There is a quick video tour of my standard room in Azumi.


Due to APEC 2015, my flight was bumped a week earlier by the wonderful team from All Nippon Airways. I barely made it out of the airport since during my arrival on Nov 14th, NAIA and corresponding roads began their dry run of road closures.

I anticipated the massive traffic jam and decided to book hotels within walking distance where I needed to be.


One of those places was to be near Alabang Town center in Muntinglupa. I heard of Azumi Boutique Hotel via I read many wonderful reviews about the place. What appealed to me the most is the location being a 5-8 minute walking distance to Molito and Alabang Town Center.  The hotel has a wonderful cafe, a nice cozy lobby and even a nail salon open till 9:30 PM.


Lobby at Azumi Hotel

They are one of the few hotels in Manila that offer a beautiful rooftop pool & bar overlooking the city. Perfect since I wanted to do an evening cityscape photo-op.


I had standard non Garden view room at the 8th floor. The hotel’s theme color was orange, floors laminated and had a clean, modern and minimalist feel to it. In the morning I ordered a nice room service of Grilled Cheese sandwich for breakfast and did a morning swim at the salt water pool. Best part of my stay was the FREE WIFI and Hot shower which allowed me to catch up with work and just relax.

Beds btw comes with a very fluffy duvet and If only I could afford another evening, i would just love to sleep all day. I also loved my view.

Since the hotel is just across from Molito which houses late night cafes and stores like Starbucks, 7 Eleven and a Ramen Restaurant open till 11:00 PM, you have no problem getting a quick bite to eat late at night.

Some Important notes you do need to keep in mind when booking with Azumi

• DO BRING CASH for deposit. Philippine hotels often require a deposit on your stay. with Azumi the deposit was PhP 1000 ($22)
• Book via Agoda if you plan to pay NOT with your credit  card or gifting the stay to someone. Azumi is strict with identification if you book directly with them. However, since I used a family members card to book my stay, with Agoda you just need your deposit and reservation ticket printed to present during check in.
• Cash Again – Though Alabang Town Center is within walking distance, have handy cash for tricycles and jeepney routes you need to take when going around town.
• They have no rooms with double beds. This is important, if you are a famiy of 4 it will be a tight squeeze queen for you guys to stay in one room with a queen or king bed. If you need a room with double beds the B Hotel right next door offers that.


During my 2 night stay here, I noticed a lot of wedding preps and honeymooners staying in the hotel. The rooftop pool and bar is especially perfect for Wedding video and photo ops, two of which I witnessed during my morning swim.

The pool is a saltwater pool that has a great view of Muntinglupa and even as far as Makati.


Some Room for improvement

Pool Lounge & Patio Couches does need to be changed, when I was there the canvas couches were musky and I got a bit of an itch from sitting on them.

Azumi Hotel is great for a girls night out, staycation, or wedding honeymoon stay.  Unfortunately they don’t offer rooms with double beds yet, so if you are travelling with kids or a family of 4, it will be a tight fit in one of their King or Queen Bed rooms.


I will be returning again to Azumi for sure. The price, location and service was impeccable and would highly recommend to family and friends. Cant wait for my next trip to stay here again.


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