Dad’s recipes: Creamy Celery Shrimp

Creamy shrimp


After a long, LONG hiatus after my trip to the Philippines, I am finally back.

I cant wait to do all my posts about my trip to Japan and all the hotel stays I did around Manila. But before that, I wanted to share my dad cooking everyone that reads or passes on this humble blog.

Background: My dad worked in the US Navy for 20+ years, one of the many positions and duties he acquired was that of being the mess hall cook.  Being that he is already good at his craft, he had a bit of following among his shipmates and officers who enjoyed his cooking, some he would invent on the spot.

I was nine years old when he first introduced to me one of my favorite meals of all times. Creamy Celery Shrimp.

In the Philippines if you ever go to the seafood wet market (local farmers market)  you will find giant prawns and tiger shrimp suitable for this recipe.  Unfortunately my dad does not tend to write down what he makes, everything is by memory. So with his permission,   I tagged along and him with my iphone, recording his every move.

Hopefully you guys can enjoy this simple and oh so good meal that I have enjoyed for years



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