Revolving Sushi Restaurant – Kula Sushi in San Diego

Kula Sushi San Diego

My friend Danny has been raving about the new revolving sushi restaurant in Convoy St. San Diego called Kula Sushi.
Problem is every time we got there, there was always an 1-2 hour wait for either lunch or dinner.
However today we got lucky after we got a tip on when the best time to go with nearly no line.
And went we did, having a blast with the Revolving Sushi bar, the games and media incorporated with your meal and a somewhat competitive wave of hunger/emotions to finish a LOT of plates to in able to win a toy. This is our Kula Sushi review and experience.

First and Foremost going to Kula Sushi in Convoy during meal hours ALWAYS have a line but the wait is pretty worth it and the single serving plates are pretty big and fresh. My favorite was the sweet shrimp nigiri.


Kula Sushi customer registration

When you first walk in you sign up on the tablet outside the door. It tells you your number in line and how long the wait time is. Once you are up you are seated in a booth where the revolving sushi track wraps around all around the restaurant. There are 2 Tiers to the track. the lower track have all the individual plate sushi’s and the upper track are for orders from the menu not being served on the lower track.


Your table at Kula Sushi are all booths right next to the revolving track and you get your interactive menu

You are given a quick orientation how to grab the plat from the revolving tray. This is to limit food contamination from touching the sushi plates. Majority of the sushi plates are priced at $2.25

Just on the edge of your table is a empty plate dispenser. Every 5 plates disposed will activate a small animated movie on your tables individual menu screen. Once you hit 15 plates you get a special priced dispensed from the interactive menu.

Special prize dispensed after finishing 15 plates of sushi

The best time to go at Kula Sushi to avoid the long lines are between 2:00 PM-4:00 PM on a weekday. Must trys are the seared scallop with Japanese Mayo, Garlic Tuna Steak Nigiri and the real crab California roll


Kula Sushi have several locations in Southern California.
Their San Diego branch is located at 4609 Convoy Street, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92111 and is open from 11:00 AM-10:00 PM

Here is a fan video featuring the San Diego branch

Official Video


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