BOOOOOO Conflict of Interest: Getting ready for SDCC 2014

Today my post is short. So I just wanted to say


I work for an events department that handle a huge majority of the Comic Con events in our meeting spaces. One of them is Mr. Game of Thrones himself Mr. George RR Martin. Though he is attending Comic Con in one of the events we are handling he will be promoting his new book. I wanted to cover that panel as an article for the blog but since I work for the events management…I am not allowed to be in the program space unless its work related. BOOOOO Conflict of interest,.

Same Goes to Sneak peak at the new Hobbit film, and any Cartoon Network Panel at the Hilton Bayfront.  Can’t go there unless work related.


I will be however looking for Mr. Zen Pencils Mr. Gavin Aung Than

May try out the Gotham Zip Line

Game of Thrones at the Omni Hotel

Will try to Catch the Shield Dinner (I have a birthday of a 1 year old to attend to 😦  )

Pictures and of course

Walking dead Escape!


So this week I will try to post as much articles and Photoblogs about Comic Con as much as I can.




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