Jackery Giant Power Bank Reviews

Jackery Giant Power Bank Unboxing from Amazon

Jackery Giant Power Bank Unboxing from Amazon

When travelling one of the most important thing to have is connectivity. Connectivity to post updates in Facebook, update your Twitter feeds, maybe upload some pictures via Instagram, Tumblr or Flickr.  And connectivity need power.  Unfortunately most smartphone batteries really run about 6-7 hours a day with constant use.
If you are like me, when I travel, I mainly use my iPhone 5S as my MP3 player, camera and Facebook status updater…for the pictures I take. And normally i can deplete a fully charge phone with in 6 hours of constant use.

In a few weeks I will be traveling to the Philippines and Japan and my preparation mode has kicked into high gear.
For days I have been scouring Amazon and Gadget sites for an affordable external power bank.
If I had it my way I would have gotten myself a GoPlug bag. But since they are still on Kickstarter phase, that purchase would have to wait. So BTW please pledge to GoPlug power bags. it is truly worth it.

I was sold on getting an Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E3 10000mAh for $30.00  or an EasyAcc® 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB   for $27.00 when I came upon the Jackery Giant Portable Charger.
My IT manager who is my goto to all Gadget and Geekery advice (Thank You Craig!) told me that when getting portable backup batteries you also need to value in the charging speed. I need to look for anything that is 2Amps  to 3 Amps. And how I found the Jackery Giant

Jackery Giant + Side by Side with an iPhone 5S

Jackery Giant + Side by Side with an iPhone 5S

Anker’s reviews and most model descriptions say it only has 1.5 Amps or thier claim to 2A was really deceptive.

Initially I would have gone with the EasyAAC due to the cheaper price, lighter weight and same 2.1 and dual USB port, but I decided to try the Jackery Giant after looking at their various selections via their Jackery website and raving reviews both from Amazon and Youtube review.

Shopping Tip: Read reviews from Amazon, from Youtube and other techreview sites.

Below is just a short summarized comparison between the Jackery and EasyAAC devices

         Jackery Giant +        EasyAAC Ultra Slim 10000mah
Power: 12000 mah

Comes with 1 micro usb charger cord

Comes in 4 colors (Aluminum sliver, orange, Black and Gold-Amazon Only

Dual USB outputs 2.1 A & 1A

LED Flashlight and charge indicator

Price: $39.99 Amazon special rate free shipping

1 year Limited Warranty. Or 18 month via Amazon

Weight:  10.4 ounces

.8 inches Thickness

Claims up to 4-6 charges for smartphones

**No AC USB Wall charger

Power: 10000 mah

Comes with 2 micro USB charger cord (20 cm and 60cm)

Comes in 6 various colors

Dual USB outputs 2.1 A & 1A

LED Flashlight and charge indicator

Price: $26.99 Amazon special rate + free shipping

1 year Limited Warranty

Weight 8.5 ounces

16mm Thickness (nearly as slim as an iphone 5s)

Claims up to 4-5 Full charges for smartphones

** No AC USB Wall charger


I ordered the Jackery Giant + on a Friday night around 7:30 PM through Amazon. They sell for $39.99 + tax and Free Shipping. This is an Amazon sale price since they normally sell for $70.00 . I received the package via UPS on Monday 10:00 AM So that was a real wow.
The Giant + had at least half a charge.  My iphone was at 5% and I pluged it in with the faster 2.1A USB output for 35-40 minutes before it hit 93%  which is pretty impressive. Although I do have to admit, it is a little bit on the heavier side, common for power banks above 10000mah.  It came in a white cardboard box, with  inner foam cover, instruction materials and the micro usb cord charger.  Ohhhh the joys of unboxing.

Jackery Giant + Unboxing

Jackery Giant + Unboxing

I have yet to stress test the Jackery by charging 2 devices at once but there is a very helpful Amazon review at its seller page that can give you a more detailed review.

I do highly recommend Jackery, they have several more selections like the Jackery bar for 5600 MAH  at a 2.1A output speed and the lighter and thinner Jackery Air.

I do plan to buy another Power Bank come Christmas Time and who knows they may do a Black Friday Sale. I think either Jackery or maybe the EasyAAC as a gift for my equally travel hungry friends.

Speaking of Travel my next few arrticles will gear back to Buying Tickets and Balikbayan Box Shopping again WOOOOT.




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