Road to E3: Final day and review

E3 2014 Exhibit hall

E3 2014 Exhibit hall

We got home after day 3 of E3 expo at 2AM Friday morning in San Diego. Me and my friends and colleagues crashed at my small 2 bedroom apartment. I had no time to do my day 3 post since I had work 6 hours later so we all slept.

Fast forward now, we only spent 5 hours on the last day of E3. My sponsors tried to get as much swag they can get from booths and tried out the Disney Infinity line that was giving away the free figurines.

I was able to walk more of the South Exhibit Hall and take pictures of areas I didn’t get to do the day before.  And after a long day me and my colleagues decided to do a recap of our 3 day adventure.

Here are some titles that really caught my attention

2Ks EVOLVE – From the makers of Left for Dead, this nex gen multi shooter game allows you to play as the hunter- you get 4 choices one being a bot. Or be the monster an unholy spawn of what I can think is between  Chutlu and that Cloverfield monster.

Evolve Game Monster

Evolve Game Monster

Nitendo’s Mario Maker   – This game was carefully kept under wraps by Nitendo but was unfortunately leaked online, allows you to create your very own Mario world game, create your levels, 2Bit style and lets you play it your own creations. Game is slated to be released sometime early 2015.

Nintendo Mario Maker Title

Nintendo Mario Maker Title

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros- Play single player or Multiplayer. You can beat opponents playing as an Animal Crossing character, Kid Icarus, Zelda and many more.  launch date on 10/3/2014 for WiiU and 3Ds

Super Smash Bros

Destiny – I was NOT able to try this game, but from the trailers and game play previews, this is the title to watch out for. Created by Bungie known for the Halo series and people who made Call of Duty, Destiny’s battle takes it  home to Earth after the arrival of the Traveler. The game has a Star Wars Mass Effect feel to it especially with hover-bike like vehicles (Starwars) and enemies like Vex (Mass Effect x StarWars-ish).  Beta begins on July 17th and you can sign up on
Speaking of Call of Duty. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is one of the most anticipated if not Biggest first shooter and multiplayer game that was featured in E3.  This time the bad guy is played by highly acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey playing Jonathan Iron as the CEO of ATLAS a private military company which that now controls the majority of United States.  The CGI and motion capture of the game was so good you would think you are watching a movie.
Advanced warfare features a melee of highly advanced weapon and armor technology such as cloaking, stronger exoskeletons, grid thermo scanning and drones.
You can preorder your copy via or via Gamestop and Best Buy locations

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in E3

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in E3

Rise of the Tomb Raider– Square Enix’s follow up from the last Tomb raider game, where Lara Croft is now battling from PTSD from the events of the last game. However she sets off to new adventure. Rise of the Tomb raider has a more darker tone. Lara also dons a hoodie (as revealed in the trailer premiere) but not much more is said on the storyline for this new Square Enix and Crystal games title. Slated for Holiday 2014 Release

Rise of Tomb Raider

Rise of Tomb Raider by Square Enix

The Bad:
This year’s E3 had a LOT of great games that many are looking forward to try especially with early beta releases.  However the convention overall had several misses comparing to past E3 expo experience. Here are just a few of them that me and my team noticed.

1. Security- As I reported earlier due to increased counterfeit badges, security heightened during this years E3. However there was no announcement made on Day 1 about attendees needing to have their ID’s ready along with their badges, slowing down the entrance process and reports of security confiscating legit badges from attendees simply because they did not have their drivers lisc with them. I know one person who lost her ID during the chaos of needing have her ID always with her during her time running around the expo and needing to keep verifying herself to the guards.
Some guards also have an abusive attitude when treating guests as I have witnessed one door bouncer yanking some gentleman’s collar.

2. Lack of Freebie aka “SWAG” – This year getting free promotional items which is one of the main reasons why E3 is such a highly sought expo was scarce of their giveaway goodies.  If there were any, you needed to battle for it.
A good example was Sqaure Enix ” I defeated a Leviathan” shirt. The lines were long and you needed to play a whole MMO segment of Final Fantasy a Real Reborn to win the shirt. Mind you that the lines can take up to 2 hours long and unlucky for you if you are not familiar with the PC keyboard game controls.
For Super Smash Bros-you to win a mini tournament to win a shirt (again LONG LINE) and the overall tournament to win coins and medals.
Disney Infinity has the longest line of all to try out the game and get a free Infinity Figurine.  I was in line for 1.5 hours before I gave up. I later learned that even if you wait in line for so long, the figurines can run out, pretty much wasting your time.

Super Smash Bro swag at E3

Super Smash Bro swag at E3

3. Freebies goes out first to Media and Exhibitors  Though I think this comes in as naturally that they get all the good swag before the rest of the attendees; there is a certain unfairness when there are TOO Many of them that hoards all the swag before others do which goes to my next issues

4. Questionable Attendees – The gaming industry is an exclusive community of developers, producers and marketers that you will easily spot who’s who as you bump elbows with them in the convention.  E3 2014 was very crowded as many would feel that there are some people who were granted passes even though they are not really qualified. Example, cosplayers. There was a rule that no kids under the age of 18 were allowed, I was sure I saw a 14 year old walking around the floors. And just random non-gaming company employees or students  who attended in groups. E3 is gradually being as crowded as Comic Con which removes the basic aspect of exclusiveness, which is unfair for those from the industry that do attend and is met with a swarm of crowds and for those who are denied access (especially start ups) because other people are given priority.
5.  MEH.  I heard this statement when people were asked ” How did you liked this year’s E3?”
Again the security lockdown drama, lack of swag and accessibility are the contributing factors to the downgrade of guest experience. Hopefully E3 organizers for 2015 can take a clue from some of these cons and make changes to make the experience better for their patrons.

So there you have it, my first E3 experience and review.  I am hoping that I can get a media badge next year and finally attend one of the Microsoft or Playstation reveals.  So heres to another E3 and let the games begin.


I will leave with my Final Day Photoblog of E3


Robin Square Enix Figurine

Assasins Creed Unity

Assasins Creed Unity

DSC_0415 DSC_0419 DSC_0420 DSC_0428









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