Road to E3: Getting Access

E3 2014 Banner in Los Angeles

One of the main purpose of me creating MsCircumstance was to build a geekout blog for a person like me who is IN to gaming and gadgets but don’t have all the expert level skills or access to all these cool stuff.
I wanted to cover more ground in creating more meaningful and cool articles like the Go Plug Power Bags or blogging in real time an Apple Symposium or the PS3 Reveal. But writing something that is your passion is easier said than done, especially when you have limited access to such great material. I wanted for once to cover a gaming event and get first hand details on a game release rather than waiting on live tweets from other blog sites like IGN or Kotaku. (I love Kotaku btw)

I was hoping that my real time job (which have me work closely with Comic Con) or this Blog will be as many would say my Meal Ticket to being able to attend E3. And the road getting in to one of the most exclusive Entertainment and Electronics Expo has and will always be a difficult especially for someone not directly working in the gaming industry. And things doesn’t always go your way.

The Road to E3 as my title says started 3 years ago with registering through the E3 website.  Sign up was pretty easy. All I needed to do was to submit proof of employment and valid email address. I even had friends who were alumni status in attending that they skip that process altogether.
At that time I was confident that my  former credentials working with Sony Playstation or SCEA in San Diego and SOE as a tester would get me in. To top that I was also an offshore moderator for Ragnarok Online in the Philippines.
Unfortunately, since I tangently changed careers ( I work in both Hospitality and Event management for conventions) my current company name even though big was not enough to convince E3 for me to get an exhibitor pass.
My last chance was to submit credentials as an MMORPG moderator…then the company disbanded along with any paperwork that would link me to the company…so that sucked.
I decided, you know that with blog sites like Kotaku and Gawker, why not create my own blog that would tackle all these articles and once I have gotten a few likes, passable articles and reviews relevant to E3’s theme and my other likes … I will then apply for a media badge.

Fast forward 2 years later. I was nursing my blog with both travel and techie stories that I can get my hands on while balancing work and life.  The real hard part of this equation is getting first hand material…seriously, all these Apple and Sony live symposiums are invite only and again you need to work in the business (or know someone) to get in…. like highschool or over again.
So in those 2 years, I will always submit my application…and always get DENIED…with a big D.
Make matters worse 5 years ago, I was OFFERED access to E3 and I declined for stupid, stupid reasons that I will forever regret.

But that was the main theme of my blog. I am an average Jane Doe who works their way from the ground up and give an first hand account on How Does One get to E3…and maybe CES. How does an average gal ‘ is not exectly your hardcore geek, get to enjoy all these fun gaming events and gadgets.

My Luck this year was through a 1 day sponsorship. I have a handful of friends and aquaintances in the industry that will be attending. They offered to sponsor me a badge in exchange for housing (since they are traveling back and forth to SD.) So you BET I took them up on the offer.
Unfortunately, I will not be attending the Tuesday or the early part of Wednesday  since….I still have to work at my primary job. I run a huge department and would like to wrap things up before I go. And yes I filed the proper leave/PTO paperwork before heading over to E3.

On an early note, we did pick up the badges on Sunday June 8 and SECURITY was tight.  Last year we were able to take pictures during badge pick up, this year we got scolded for even lifting your phone around the trade show entrance. Why? Apparently someone leaked online the new Mario Maker game before the E3 reveal. Which was a pretty big deal.
So af far as pictures goes, I only have a pic of the Titanfall Mecha outside of the convention center (which was pretty sick btw).

Titanfall mecha display outside E3

Titanfall mecha display outside E3

And this prop from the new Bungie/Halo makers game Destiny

Enemy character display from Destiny

Enemy character display from Destiny

Monday updates: The rave was the new or possible origin story game (in production) for Mass Effect . And a sneak peek at Mirrors Edge 2.

My friends from Sony will be helping me out on my E3 coverage by sending me text updates and hopefully pictures. Seriously they dont own any point and shoot cameras and thier iPhone cameras suck because…they just do.

So this is my first article on the road to E3 and I hope I will not suck in doing this 🙂


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