E3 side trip: Cosplay ideas Los Angeles Fashion District

Angel wings at Top Trims LA Fashion District

Angel wings at Top Trims LA Fashion District

Since E3 is more of a gamers and media professional tradeshow, you don’t get to see a lot of Cosplayers lurking around…besides its not allowed.
However with Comic Con 2014 in sight the running theme for costumes (besides Batman, Superman, Avengers) will come from the recent blockbuster and deliciously evil Malificent. Angelina Jolie who played the role so well (even though the storyline seemed rushed) donned an amazing set of wings and of course the black drapped and horn getup we all know from our favorite Disney Villain.  And speaking of Disney, I am sure everyone else would love to dress up as Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Surprisingly I find the Malificent costume the most easiest to create. An Elvira costume can make up the dress unless you want to create something as elaborate as the movie version. But the biggest factor of being Malificent is her long spanning archangel wings and horns.
I Googled and Amazoned “Angel Wings” and came up with several online resources. The smaller wings would cost you from  $30-45.00 Bigger ones will cost you $50-150 depending of size and quality. that does not include taxes and shipping. Wings are considered bulky items.


Various angle and fairy wings selection from Top Trims

Various angel and fairy wings selection from Top Trims

This is is where Los Angeles Fashion District comes into place. There is a store in 9th Ave called Top Trims that sells angel wings.  I was able to purchase one for $30.00 and smaller ones you can haggle up to $19.00 depending how good you can haggle.  The beautiful archangel wings costs $50.00 which is a steal in my book given the quality. they also sell bat and fairy wings of all sizes and design. Another store that sells angel wings is called The Feather Place.

Various fabric selections

Various fabric selections

Walk around the many fabric and bead shops and you can find stores and establishment with all the types of fabrics for both your costumes, drapes and even blankets DIY needs.  I was surprised that they were open on a Sunday and parking is $4.00 on a building right across from the store.

Colorful selection of fabrics at LA Fashion District

Colorful selection of fabrics at LA Fashion District

During my walk around the block we found several shimmery fabrics perfect for Queen Elsa wannabees that cost between $6.00-12.00 yard.  Again key to learning how to haggle is good. Be polite and don’t act like a tourist, else they will try to jack up the price. The Los Angeles Fashion District is a long block of several vendors that is not only known for fabrics and accessories but also possible prop items like swords (they are right next to the Toy District) which is a great outlet on gathering additional cosplay material. Majority of the shops are covered in costume blogs and have their own websites so you can easily google them before your trip and see if they carry what you are looking for.

You have at least 6-7 weeks before Comic Con, so under a budget you can get your cosplay resources in one big marketplace. It is best to travel to LA Fashion district with another person and come in early morning to get good parking. Wear comfortable walking shoes, keep hydrated and be street smart…this is still downtown LA close to skid row, so better safe than sorry. Other than that, the quality of fabrics you will get is a best buy regardless of what purpose it serves.

For more information

Top Trims – 425 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Los Angeles Fashion District resource  http://fashiondistrict.org/
The Feather Place  719 S Los Angeles St #620, Los Angeles, CA 90014



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