Holiday Online Photo Shopping

Good Evening to all.

It has been a LONG LONG while since my last post and unfortunately I’m keeping my post for today short since Im busy preparing custom made gifts for the Holidays.  A family friend of mine is an older lady who values keepsakes like photographs and albums. I have many pictures of her kids and lots more during a rare holiday reunion that I plan to give her a giant family collage frame and a photobook.

Right now Im browsing sites like Walmart and Target for inexpensive custom Photobooks which I can do online. But before that I need to edit the digital photo’s I have.

I’m currently using two Free Photo Editing sites which I would like to share.



I have been using PicMonkey for close to two years now.   Im happy with the basic free services they have but am seriously considering upgrading to their Royale services for $2.75 a month.

I love their collage editor the best especially when I want to put multiple images in one photo each with a different editing style.










What I love about Pixlr is that they have an App for the iPad which allows me to edit my Photos anywhere I go.  Online I use Pixlr Express which have the same photo filtering options like Instagram, the only difference is that you can control the contrast and intensity of each photo filter which I like.

So that’s it now for me. I’m rushing to edit at least 125 photos on my PC album and hope to get all my custom shopping done in time for the Christmas Holidays.




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