Cellucor HD Review

CelluCor HD Weight Supplement Review

Cellucor HD Fat Targeting Supplement

Cellucor HD Fat Targeting Supplement

Two and a half months ago, I became serious about losing weight. Gradually changing my diet, avoiding soda, drinking more water, ands enrolling in Zumba classes which I take twice a week.

To speed up my weight loss I decided to take on a Weight Supplement. Initially I was going to do Hydroxycut but after speaking with the specialists in GNC they suggested that I try  Cellucor HD instead.  I’ve read reviews in Amazon about Hydroxycut about its various side effects and did not see much negativity on Cellucor’s reviews. So 3 weeks ago I bought the green tubular bottle of Cellucor HD and here is my review.

Cellucor HD Boasts itsself as a fat targeting and sculpting agent. promising to give you energy and focus and also curbs your appetite in addition to your increased metabolism.

Just so you know. I’m about 5’3 weighing around 158lbs, so my doctor says I’m overweight as far as BMI goes.   Looks alone, I look at most pudgy. I have a size 12P on my pants and wear between large or medium on shirts and blouses depending on the brand.

I’m not a fan of oily foods but I do like Milkshakes and Milktea which contributed to my weight increase.

I do about 1 hour of Zumba every 3 days for the past 2 months and the workout is as intense as it can gets. As far as walks, I may do 15 minute every other day. I Do sleep late a lot because I am an avid reader at night.

Cellucor HD Boasts itself as a fat targeting and sculpting agent. Promising to give you energy and focus and also curbs your appetite in addition to your increased metabolism. Of course along with regular exercise.

Cellucor HD Dosage information


Cellucor Dosage instructions says to take one in the morning on an empty stomach and another one in the mid afternoon after 5-6 hours.

Around the 3rd day try drinking the 3rd pill after 2-3 hours of the 2nd pill and see if you can take the tolerance. DO NOT take more than 3 pills a day.

Reviews in various sites suggest to keep yourself hydrated when taking Cellucor.


On the first day I took my first pill around 7:00 AM. I unfortunately didn’t get enough sleep the night before which was a very bad thing to do when you take these pills as I would find out later.

I did notice that my energy was high, I felt my pulse slightly racing but nothing scary like heart palpitations. I loved the fact that I was awake and alert in the morning.   45 minutes after taking the pill I ate some oatmeal.   Cellucor HD has about 250 MCG of Vitamin B12 and 253MG of thermosculpting which is pretty much a high dosage of caffeine for you. Good thing I am not a coffee drinker.  Other side effects I did experienced as the hours passed is that now I felt stronger palpitations or pulse throbs at my wrists and thigh. My bathroom visits to pee increased dramatically which I didn’t mind as I was hoping I can pee the fat away. I also noticed a change in taste as if everything had a tad bit of metallic flavor to it.

5 hours later I took the 2nd pill and that’s when things went awry. I felt my stomach churning or grinding. I blamed the nasty side effects from my lack of sleep and poor diet that day.   I drank my 2nd pill around 4:00 PM and within an hour my palpitations increased and felt slightly nauseous. The caffeine kick didn’t help in the evening as I was trying to wind down to sleep, the combination of the palpitation and stomach churning didn’t give me much rest so I decided to skip the pills the next day- which was a good decision because I still felt my stomach churning for half of the morning.

Because I felt so drained from the side effects, I was not able to go to one of my Zumba classes.  Two days later, I prepped up with good sleep, kept hydrated and ate a good breakfast and gave Cellucor another try.

Morning was ok, no issues besides the metallic taste. I did noticed I ate very little as I feel full easily. The trips to the bathroom increased which again I don’t mind. I noticed I may have lost about 1lbs in water weight which is not bad.  When I took the 2nd pill here are the list of the side effects I got AFTER I got off work

1.  Nausea

2.  Stomach Churning

3.  Migraine, sensitivity to light

4.  Palpitations

5.  Jitters

I quickly Googled the Cellucor HD Side effects, many reviews claim that the increased pee and sometimes diarrhea were normal for beginners till they build tolerance, slight palpistations are expected as these are common side effects of Thermogenic Weight Supplements.  Other comments shared same experiences like the migraine and even go as far as vomiting.

I also noticed that I was highly irritable for at least 2 days when I was taking the suppliments and had to keep my temper in check as so not to snap.  I brushed these aside as poor diet and poor hydration and decided to try Cellucor again in 3 days this time one pill a day.

Last Monday Sept 9, I took 1 pill in the morning. Same routine, felt focused and energized. Ate on my regular schedule, had some oatmeal.  Did my normal lunch, and around 4:00 PM I took the 2nd dosage. By the time I was going home I was extremely nauseous with a nasty migraine. I was sensitive to light, sound and slight movements.  My stomach had a grinding feel and I had night sweats, not mentioning food poisoning like symptoms. The effects lasted till the next day that I had to call off work. I didn’t take Cellucor again till Monday Sept 16 after resting up.

I decided to just take one dose instead to see how I would feel. The same side effects showed up, some light palpitations, urge to pee. But around 4:00 PM I felt slightly anxious, my stomach felt weird, though not churning.  After dinner I felt very restless. Around 9:00 PM I got very tense and felt strong hunger cravings and the cold night sweats. Around this time, I decided that Cellucor is not for me.

Looking back at various reviews, some people do experience severe side effects with the pill while others dont have any bad side effects at all besides feeling more energized.

This just may be only me. I do tend to be more sensitive to meds. I realized that for me I need to lose weight the hard way, no supplements except vitamins. Just good old exercise and proper diet.  In fairness I did lost about 1.5 lbs during the 2 week period I took it sporadically.

To Sum Up My review of Cellucor HD


You feel more focused

Feel energized

I peed a lot – which may be a good thing since you “pee” the weight away and water weight



Stomach grinding churning


Pee a lot


Metallic Taste

Night sweats

Cost $42.00 in GNC

I should also mention that Cellucor HD is NOT FDA Approved.

I’m not discouraging people to NOT give it a try, again maybe I’m one of those people who don’t suit well taking supplements, but with the price we spent  in addition to my horrible experience  I had, I suggest one really needs to a proper thorough research on the product before purchasing.


8 thoughts on “Cellucor HD Review

  1. I just started to take this supplement. Today will be day two taking this and i have felt all these symptoms, My stomach feels weird almost a burning sensation, very nauseous, bright lights really bother, I also noticed i’ve been easily annoyed pissed off quickly idk if this is the pill but im usually a very high tolerant person im very hard to piss off.I totally snapped at my boyfriend just for him talking too loud. I cant sleep its 12:00pm should be sleeping by now.
    I usually drink coffe 3 times a day haven’t craved it but im getting these headache just like when i don’t drink coffee in the morning Idk is this normal

  2. My husband and I just started these pills together. Been using as directed, 1 in morning, another 5 hours later. On day 2, I had a horrible migraine. Didn’t eat dinner and couldn’t sleep because of it. Slept in today, continued to take the pills, hoping it was just a random, rare occurrence. I have the migraine again today. On the plus side, I have felt more energy in mornings and haven’t felt hungry, but definitely not worth the piercing headache. My husband hasn’t had any side effects.

    • I went back to GNC and they were very sincere and even said they could have refunded me with in 30 days. Unfortunately it was past 30 days when I mentioned it to them. Reading most sites when Cellucor does affect its user with side effects its either non or REALLY bad. In our case we got it bad. Some people just goes well with the suppliment

  3. I’m so glad someone else is experiencing the same side effects as me. I was starting to think that something was wrong with me. I too have stopped and started several times wondering if it was food poisoning, a stomach bug or hormonal issues. Thank you for your post.

  4. Same here. Had it for two weeks, once a day in the morning, without symptoms. Yesterday, took it and felt like my stomach was trying to leave my body. Today, again. Had to take some pain killers. I’ll definetly stop taking.
    Male, 27y, athlete.

  5. Maybe this won’t help the OP, but to anyone else reading this that is having the same experience:

    Super HD really is just a bunch of stims. It helps you burn fat because it raises your core body temperature (thermogenic) which in turn burns more energy when you work out. I stack it with Cellucor CLK for its fat targeting effect. If you can’t tolerate Super HD, maybe trying a milder stimulant with caffeine or a green tea supplement 500mg will help give you a little energy and thermogenic boost to workout and lose weight. The results aren’t as dramatic but neither is the price or the side effects. Zumba is great but also check out Tabata (HIIT) workouts if you want to burn lots of calories with low impact, aerobic exercise you can do at home. Lots of free videos on fitnessblender 🙂

  6. The reason you have migraines and all those, is because you are dehydrated. Did you even read the directions? It says to increase your water intake due to the diuretic effect of super hd. DUH! AND did you also not read what it actually does? It’s a THERMOGENIC, making your core temp increase and allow you to burn more fat because you will sweat more, and as said, will make you pee alot, getting rid of water weight etc etc. You are probably losing electrolytes (due to sweat and peeing alot) and thats why you’re having these ‘side effects’.

    • Sorry for the late response Kate. I did drink a lot of water. Off the bat Cellucor just didnt do it for me. I read other reviews with the same or even worse side effects than mine.
      You are right about the pee a lot part. I wasnt used to it but after taking Cellucor I guess I got used to the peeing more than usual. But the night sweats was scary. It wasnt just normal sweating, I had tremors and that is never a good sign

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