Korea Town Happyness!

Korea Town Food Choices

Cakes from The Cake House and Stir Fried Rice Cake yummm

It was my first time in Korea Town Los Angeles today. I’m keeping this post short because Im still on the road as I write.

Me and a friend decided on a whim to go to Korea Town in Los Angeles since we were by the area. It scared me at first going there since we seem to drove by a bad part of town (we took a wrong turn)

We ended up in City Center Mall at 6th Ave. where the Zion Marketplace is and headed to their food court since it was lunch time. First time I tried a South Korean Street Food called Stir Fried Rice Cake. It has a both of broth, carrots, fish cake and cabbage and it WAS AMAZING!  I’m posting now a barrage of photos from the place but its definitely worth a visit plu I may get a hair cut at the ETUDE Lounge salon at the 3rd floor.

DSC_0116 City Center Korea Town


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