Comic Con 2013- Preview Night Refresher


Comic Con 2013 Thursday Picture Collage

July 17 began the kick off for Comic Con 2013 preview. I was lucky enough to get a preview night pass and barely made on time into the exhibition hall. I’ll keep my report today short but sweet as pointers on what to look out for

Comic Con Bags – They all come with custom capes. the one that is most wanted is the Red Bazinga Cape from the Big Bang Theory Bag.

Pop Cap Booth – they are giving away cool Plats vs Zombies bags. You need to follw them at Twitter to get alerts of the freebies Summit Entertainment Booth – Giving away  movie shirts and freebies from Films like Hunger Games XBox and Playstation Booth- Demo of games such as Drive Club and the new Fighting game for XBox One. Get a chance to test drive the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles Marvel – Marvel merchandise such as glass tumblers and a cool picture with Thor’s Hammer sans Loki warriors.


More to come for Thursday Day 2 of Comic Con 2013


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