My First Pan Seared Steak- Thanks to


I love steaks. I love Tri Tip with some Au Jus sauce, I love me some medium well Fillet Mignon, I LOOOOOVEEE me some New York Strip Steak. However I don’t love is the 20$ a plate that I need to pay plus tax, a dress code and a long wait line in a really good steakhouse.

Steaks and Pan

I’ve always feared cooking steak. I kept my cooking safe by baking or stir frying easy meals. But I have yet to conquer the steak in the kitchen.  Today I face that fear. I was gifted my first stainless steel searing pan and with some help from an easy How To Sear Steak from  I was able to make a non visually appetizing but just oh so yummy New York Pan Seared Steak. I tweaked the instructions a bit. As I have some McCormicks Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade powder. However today I am making 2 steaks. One simple (with salt and pepper) and the other with the brown sugar marinade.   I did a test yesterday and the brown sugar gave my steak a burnt look but it was all juicy inside.  The instructions from are really easy and give helpful tips. Its a real no brainer.

By the way as for cost. I only spent $9.00 for 2 strips of New York steak from Fresh and Easy. it even comes with a peppercorn sauce you can heat in the microwave and glaze on your meat once its done.


For the how to video here is the link



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