E3 2013 Photo Blog -Wednesday Goodies


The biggest Entertainment and Electronics Expo   E3 Con kick with a bang this year, starting with the Playstation 4 Console reveal and sucker punching the heck out of Xbox One. Also came releases of various movie trailers and film announcements such as the new Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Trailer and 300 Rise of an Empire preview.

For the E3 Attendant besides bumping elbows with the media and gaming giants and attending live press con on various gaming and production companies, nothing beats getting in on some freebie giveaways and limited merchandise.

Plants Vs. Zombie at E3

Last year for me its was a Wreck it Ralph search. This year Nitendo had the Mario Kart 8 racing flags. Plants Vs. Zombies gave away seed packets. Bungie’s Destiny gave away shirts and Square Enix had must have bags (drooolsss.)

E3 Con merchandise

Unfortunately, my real world job called me back so there was very little of E3 for me to enjoy in such a haste. But for those reading. Enjoy the pictures!


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