A first timers Kayaking Adventure in La Jolla

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours

There are many Kayaking Tours offered in La Jolla that raves great reviews on Yelp. La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak stands out for me since you get the best bang for your buck due to its awesome tour guide experience and customer service.  Today on the first of June I went kayaking with a friend of mine and since we were both first timers with did the double Kayak.  They did advice  for first timers to do a double kayak since it has better stability and less chance for you to flip over if you are a beginner. This was my very first kayaking tour ever. I have NO EXPERIENCE at all and was nervous throughout the days that passed nearing our tour date.

I called in for my reservation around 2 weeks ago and the gentleman who took my reservation was nice and answered all my questions. The rate is quite high but the do a good military discount. The reason their rate is higher is because they take smaller groups of 5-7 out to water as opposed to other groups that do 10-20 at a time. So our tour was quite focused to only us and the tour guide can keep a watchful eye on us. Our Tour Guide was Chase and he’s from UTAH and very cute (and single I hear). He was very nice and was knowledgable  about our tour details. If you want to save the best bang for your buck do a tandem/ double Kayak.  For 2 people in 1 kayak for under 80$ (cheaper if you have a Military Discount)   it’s a good deal.

All rates include life jacket, helmet, the tour guide and locker use. I booked for the earliest tour at 9:00 AM. Less traffic and easier for us to find parking, you may want to arrive 30 min early so that you can change into a wetsuit (there is a renter fee) if you want to use one, and get set up with the life jackets and helmets. Chase (our tour guide) gave us a quick lesson on how to enter the water, how to paddle and what to do when you fall overboard which did not happen in our tour group but happened to another tour group kayaking next to us.

Swimming gear

Modest Swimming gear with water shoes and dry bag/waterproof case for iphone

What you may want to bring:

Sunblock and Sunscreen lotion,
Water shoes (very helpful),
Dry bag for you camera or phone, OR a waterproof sports camera

I do have to say taking pictures was a bit hard since our kayak kept moving even when we weren’t paddling.

I was able to purchase a very affordable camera  dry bag from Amazon for under $5.00 and it worked well for me  http://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Phones-Digital-Camera-Devices/dp/B0058O9PHW/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1370131276&sr=8-22&keywords=waterproof+case+camera   there are some perfect for iPhone in which the touchscreen works from the protective clear casing. However seawater does make the clear pack smudgy.

Kayaking by the 7 caves in La Jolla

The visibility was awesome and we got in a good time that the surf was just right. We even did a short trip by a few rocks were the sea lions were perched. We had to wait for our turn to enter the caves due to the bigger tour groups of other Kayaking companies, but today was a good day due to the surf conditions which allows us to enter the main cave.  It was quite a ride. Think Disneyland Splash Mountain.  He did do one on one to enter us into the cave and taught us how to paddle away from the seawall when we got close. I felt I was in some action movie like those river rafting scenes, being I was seated at the back I I kept hitting close to the seawall and I felt the waves stronger. But that’s me I love danger and the guide was with us at all times making sure of our safety. Did I mention he was cute?

Timothy (i think) and Chase from La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours

Too bad we did not see any sharks but we got a few upclose encounters with the local sea lions and brown pelicans. We were lucky to see a few starfish, kelp beds and orange fish due to the clear visibility. He also told us how most of the La Jolla mansions by the sea wall were uninsured and that every year the ground loses close to a foot due to erosion…and soon those houses will crumble and fall.


What I love about the tour was riding the waves especially when you catch a big swell. The trick is to lean back and not paddle and let the wave carry you.

I would definitely use to their services again in the future, they do offer snorkeling and diving tours.  With that I may want to invest on to a GoPro camera so that I can take my shots worry free and Hands Free (in HD too) and maybe a really good watersports digital cam.


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