Escape to the Garden: Sonya’s Garden Tagaytay Philippines


My friend enjoying tea time at one of Sonya’s private botanical banquets

Even before my 2012 Vacation to the Philippines, I have been hearing of Sonya’s Garden through Philippine travel sites and returning vacationers. A hidden gem in the lush botanical mountains of Tagaytay about an hour and 30 minutes drive from Manila. My friend Nicky has been very eager in taking me to Sonya’s during my short stay in the Philippines and booked 2 day relaxation adventure. For some one who lives in the city, Tagaytay is an easy escape from the bustling stress of the metro. Fresh clean air, great views of the mountains and Taal Lake there are bountiful things to do in Tagaytay . Lush green scenery upon your drive, cool mountain temperature and local farmers selling fresh homegrown vegetables and fruits gives off such a relaxing and homey feel.

I’ve always dreamed of doing one of those spa getaways in the middle of nowhere like you see in leisure travel magazines and Sonya’s list of spa services within its tranquil gardens just fills those needs.

Bed and Breakfast Cottages at Sonya’s Garden

Unfortunately me and my friend were not able to book a nights stay inside Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast Facility. We stayed in a nearby hotel instead. However in the 2 days that we stayed in Sonya’s – Day 1 being the our Spa and relaxation day, and Day 2 for a lovely teatime brunch and exploration…I easily fell in love with the place.

Sonya’s Garden is also a perfect location for weddings and photoshoots and for one’s honeymoon (it is a bed and breakfast after all), they have this very spacious banquet hall with a canopy of vines and greens hanging from antique chandeliers from the high ceilings.  A link of a Wedding Video Montages can be seen Here.

Events Hall Sonya's Garden

Banquet and Dining Hall at Sonya’s Garden

As for a nights stay Php3,400 per head per night on weekends and holidays Friday to Sunday and holidays.

Single Occupancy will be P5,000/overnight. Kids below 7 years old half rate, 8 and above full rate. Includes FULL BREAKFAST and complimentary LUNCH or DINNER. The cottages do not have any AC and TV which should not be a problem since being up in the Tagaytay highlands, the cool fresh breeze will keep you comfortable. As for activities, they have an array of classes such as gardening which is part of their Art-of-doing-Nothing activities.  Or you can step out the resort and enjoy outside activities offered in Tagaytay such as Kite Flying at the Picnic Grove, horseback riding, or Visit Paradizoo and get a chance to see the lions and tigers.

If you have a family driver in tow during your visit for overnight they also have sleeping quarters for them as well as meals (very thoughtful)

Spa at Sonya's Garden

No relaxing getaway is complete without some great ol Me time at the Spa.  For as little as $55.00 (around PhP 2300) You can enjoy the Sampaguita Package – a 2.5 hour indulgence of  herbal foot scrub, Facial, and a hot stone massage. Or for under $25.00 (around PhP 1000) enjoy a 1 hour Dagayday, a traditional foot Hilot (massage) including 10 minute back massage and free pedicure.

Swedish Massages cost around $16.00 (pHp 675.00) and additional services can be viewed at their website

The facilities are clean and as picturesque as those professional photo’s you see in Spa magazines. The look is very old world and rustic, the staff are nice and friendly and yes they accept Visa and MasterCard.

We topped off our adventure with a Continental breakfast. There is also  a choice of Traditional Filipino breakfast. However the Continental breakfast gives you the taste of Sonya’s garden local made jams or marmalade, figs and berries. Healthy cereals and Fruit and the best of all, Philippine Hot Cocoa.  Their breads, jams and cookies are available at their Country Store that also sells Spa products like shampoo’s, oils and mists.


Continental Breakfast at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay Philippines

I’m definitely returning to Sonya’s during my next trip home. Hopefully I can try out their lunch and pasta menus. If you have any Philippine vacationers, definitely recommend them Sonya’s Garden. They never disappoint.  One thing you do need to bring with you is some insect repellant and some anti allergy med. being the place is a lush garden, there will be a few mosquitoes here and there. And if you are like me who have the occasional pollen and hay allergies, a tablet or two of Claritin or Benadryl should help this experience be sneeze free.

Sonya’s Garden Bedrooms from Amazingpilipinas Blog

For additional information and a look at Sonya’s Garden Facilities.  Visit their website at   and view the Youtube links below:


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